Samurai Girl From High Card Episode 4! Release Date And Story

Every episode of High Card offers a fresh mystery, thrilling action, gripping drama, and never-before-seen conflict. High Card Episode 4 is presently airing, and it has already hinted at a massive, secretive organization. What’s next for Finn? Well, as Finn strives to justify his right to live freely, his personal drama intensifies. But first, he must figure out how to find out more information on the wealthy youngster who was initially featured in the previous episode. He might run into another mysterious situation while going through this. Do you desire to learn how? then continue reading.

A further well-known character who will be important to the anime will be introduced in the fourth episode. Yes, it will result in additional riddles. Finn must first unravel the enigma around Leo, though. If Leo is the Pinochle President’s son, why did he decline to phone his father to make a ransom demand? Find out why he did that.

High CardEpisode 4 Of High Card: What Will Come Next?

Action and mystery are elevated in every episode of High Card. Another High Card member will now be introduced in the following episode, “Samurai Girl.” Finn had already been set free by Chris once to demonstrate his worth. It makes natural that Chris and the head of the Old Maid office will allow him live freely now that he has saved the kid of the Pinochle President. However, the final scene of the previous episode gives away that Leo’s father may be having some issues with his son.

Leo and his estranged father will undoubtedly be discussed in So High Card Episode 4. Leo has also given Nix’s Card to Owen, who will use it to complete the next puzzle piece in this mystery. The next episode will examine Owen and his relationship to Leo. But when a mysterious girl shows up, the scenario will take a turn for the worst. She appears to be looking for the playing cards. Will Finn encounter issues if she enters?

High CardA Brief Recap

Finn previously pursued Jake and Carter, two men who abducted a wealthy teenager in broad sight in High Card Episode 3. They wanted a ransom sum and laid the blame for their misfortune on the father of the wealthy youngster. The youngster, however, had no idea how to tell his father about this. But they were finally apprehended by local police after Finn stumbled into them in a Chinese restaurant. While the other two managed to escape their cell with the aid of their sister Nix, Finn and that boy were able to flee the police station. Then, Finn makes an attempt to persuade the wealthy boy to accompany him to the Shield Underground. The 7 of Clubs power, “Lethal Scoville,” was utilized by Nix to defeat them after capturing them. It immediately produced flames of varying sizes and intensities.

The brothers’ restraints were removed by Finn using a stolen key, and he then used his Nambu to bury them behind a pile of scrap metal while the kidnappers appeared to be busy. But before they could get to her, Nix melted Finn’s bullet. Chris suddenly showed up with a suitcase full of millions of dollars in cash. The boy later revealed himself to be another High Card member by the name of Leo, who used the “Never No Dollars” ability of the 7 of Diamonds to transform the money into a bazooka that punched and whipped the flame. He was about to defeat Nix when a massive idol made of scrap metal collapsed. But while Nix perished in the great explosion, Finn managed to save Leo. The next day, Finn discovered who Leo really was.

High CardHigh Card Episode 4: Launch Date

On January 30, 2023, at three in the morning JST, High Card Episode 4 will air. The remaining cards in the deck will ultimately be revealed in the upcoming episode. You may watch it on regional Japanese networks like At-X, while Crunchyroll streams it for a global audience.