Lookism Chapter 434 Publication Date: Jinyeong Park’s Connection?

There is still a long way to go until all the awful details of Jinyeong Park are known. In Lookism Chapter 434, the mystery surrounding Jinyeong Park will proceed.

Although DG is a member of the first generation, he is shockingly more knowledgeable than the rest of the group. To Daniel’s surprise, he also disclosed that his mother had known Jinyeong Park.

But Daniel is still skeptical that DG would come clean about Jinyeong Park’s ties to Workers. In light of DG’s decision to negotiate a contract with the Employees, this might prove to be a pivotal moment down the road.

The identity of Daniel’s father, one of the book’s biggest mysteries, is revealed in the last chapter. Remembering his dad is important to Daniel, and so is the fact that he can point to a photo from his parents’ wedding that clearly depicts his dad.

Sadly, it has come to light that Daniel lost his father when he was quite young. However, since Daniel was extremely little, he does not have vivid recollections of his father.

Lookism Chapter 434

There is a striking similarity between Daniel and a younger version of Jinyeong Park. Grandma Daniel doesn’t know who he is because she keeps calling him Jinyeong.

Jinyeong Park’s ties to Daniel’s family are a central theme, and they are not a positive one. His grandma is upset that he entered her home and his mother is worried that he may find out information about Jinyeong.

Where may Jinyeong Park have gone wrong in their family? This relationship will be explored in further depth in the next Lookism Chapter.

Lookism Chapter 434 Publication Date

His mom is nervous about his going to Seoul, so she asks if he may spend some time with her instead. Something really awful must have happened for his mother to be so frightened. She has never shown any concern over anything Daniel has done.

One of the passengers in the car Daniel and his mom were taking to their family home was spotted by Daniel to be raising his legs over the seat. Daniel also remembers running into them over the recent holidays. We can’t imagine Daniel having any fewer enemies, but is it possible that someone is shadowing him even in his own hometown?

On Thursday, February 2, 2023, the raw Korean scans for Lookism Chapter 434 will be made available. There will be a few hours between the official publication of Lookism Chapter 434 and the release of the English scans.

It’s clear that this Jinyeong Park is a piece of garbage who is completely out of his head. For his experiments, he also possesses Daniel’s second body as a captive. Do his two bodies actually belong to him, or does he only pretend to know the secret?

Daniel & Jinyeong Park: Connection

In his twenties, Daniel had shown his mom a photo of him with Jinyeong Park. Even though he hadn’t anticipated a strong reaction, his mother froze in fear as soon as she laid eyes on him.

DG had already informed Daniel that his mother was acquainted with Jinyeong, but the latter refused to accept the information. When Daniel explained to his mother that a famous person had given him the picture, she was just as surprised as he was.

Daniel was left confused as she rambled on and on about how Jinyeong had sacrificed everything for one person. She is afraid of upsetting Daniel, so she refrains from speaking up.

In an effort to learn more about his family history, Daniel began perusing the photo book as his mother slept. That Jinyeong Park was his father’s buddy came as a complete surprise to him.

It’s also clear that Daniel’s mom isn’t fully out cold; she’s aware that her son has found evidence, and she secretly hopes he would be careful in Jinyeong Park.

In Lookism Chapter 434, will Daniel’s mom start to open up to him about his crush on Jinyeong Park?

In the morning of the next day, Daniel and his mom set off for a visit with Daniel’s aunts, uncles, and cousins. The change in Daniel was so drastic that it stunned everyone.

Grandma Daniel didn’t appear to take it very well. She immediately welcomed Daniel as “Jinyeong Park” as he greeted her as usual.

Big Deal’s Condition

Since the cops attacked Big Deal at the conclusion of their clash with Workers, they have been completely defeated. Although Jake Kim and Lineman have not been apprehended, they are now on the wanted list.

Workers have caught Jake Kim’s outside allies, Samuel Seo and Johan Seong, and are holding them in Jinyeong Park’s lab.

However, their whereabouts are unknown to anybody save the Workers, leaving Jake Kim with a sense of duty toward them. They got themselves into this mess as a result of his plan. Jake Kim was unable to prevent the destruction of Big Deal.

However, as Lineman’s group was being pursued, they received assistance. Jake Kim was really appreciative, but the individual who helped him out was only making good on a debt he owed to Jake’s dad.

Big Deal’s ally in this was a very powerful and prominent individual. Choi Beongae is the Dragon Fist of Gapryong, and he is the 0th Generation.

Is there any chance of Jake Kim and Big Deal’s Choi Beongae making a return together? Understanding Jake Kim’s vision for Big Deal’s future requires reading Lookism Chapter 434.

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