Lookism Chapter 435: Who Daniel’s Dad Is? Plot & Publication Date

Lookism’s Chapter 434 Will Stop Your Heart! As it turns out, Daniel’s mother has known about Jinyoung Park for a long time. In any case, Diego’s suspicions that Jinyoung may be hiding crucial information just add fuel to the fire. While this is happening, Daniel’s mom sees the photo and is completely taken aback. The fates of our characters may depend on what information Jinyoung is keeping hidden from us. Learn about the storyline and anticipated release date for Lookism Chapter 435 right here!

Daniel will attempt to draw conclusions about Lookism’s meaning in the next installment. He is curious about Jinyoung’s relationship with Jin’s family. Exciting adventures are in store for the subsequent one. If you want to know more, then read on!

Lookism Chapter 435

Lookism Chapter 435: What Happens Next?

The narrative thickens in Lookism Chapter 435. Jinyoung and Daniel’s dad were obviously more than just casual friends. However, they engaged in criminal enterprise together. Daniel, who has been digging for information about his father, learns that his dad has ties to the Big Deal. Hyung Nim heads up a criminal group. It is clear that Daniel is heading down a dark road, and Diego Kang attempts to warn him.

Daniel, however, is motivated to get to the bottom of things in order to clear his father’s name. Following his decision to confront Hyung Nim, he learns that Jinyoung and Daniel’s father were in on the crime together. However, Jinyoung deceived him and grabbed all the glory, which ultimately led to his father’s demise. Daniel is in a jam, and the chapter closes on a cliffhanger. A conflict arises inside him between his desire to remain loyal to his father and the knowledge that his father was involved in unlawful activities. Hyung Nim, meantime, is getting closer to where Daniel is. And what became to Samuel Seo and Johan Seong is still a mystery.

Lookism Chapter 435

A Quick Summary!

Lookism 434 reveals that Daniel’s mom was aware of Jinyoung Park. Not only that, but she had been hiding things from him. Exactly, as Diego Kang verified. He reasoned that Park Hyung Suk’s mom would be able to get some vital information from Jinyoung. A image of Jinyoung stunned Daniel’s mom, so he presented it to her. She enquired as to Daniel’s source, demanding to know that person’s identity. Later, she told Daniel that Jinyoung had lost everything because of that one man and asked him not to visit Seoul.

Soon after Daniel’s discovery of the photo of his father and best friend Jinyoung, he made up his mind to learn more about his father. Hyung Nim, leader of the Big Deal and Lineman, met with Song Hwang, Samuel Seo, and Johan Seong to address the matter. The workmen had finally tracked them down. The Lineman gently chided Hyung Nim for failing to accept blame for the current predicament. And he requested that he be introduced to the President, who had aided them previously. Hyung Nim, however, was skeptical of his own rescue efforts.

Lookism Chapter 435

Lookism Chapter 435: Publication Date

This week sees the release of Lookism 435. Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage update weekly with new chapters. Before February 15th, 2023, you may expect the release of Chapter 435. If you haven’t read the chapter yet, you may find it on the Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage official pages. The English scanlations, however, might be a while in coming. Keep coming back to this website for further updates.