Lookism Chapter 437: The Left-Handed Warrior! Plot & Publication Date

In his forthcoming bout against Ahn Hudson, Daniel will be defeated!

After several chapters, fans finally saw an incredible fight last week. Hudson Ahn’s opponent Kwak Jibeom teased him about the capture of Ansan while Ahn stood in the apiary, hands clinched and breathing heavily. Ahn’s left hand was raised in a futile attempt to strike. Kwak scoffed at his attempt and dared him to do another. His opponents are already out cold. How does Hudson stack up against the first-generation ruler, Kwak Jichang? Further information regarding the content and publication date of Lookism Chapter 437 can be found below.

Things are about to become violent in the next chapter of Lookism (437). Sooner or later, Daniel will want to fight Ahn. After the mayhem on Big Deal Street, this is his next major battle. See Daniel vent his frustrations and rage towards Ahn. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this topic!

Lookism Chapter 437

Lookism Chapter 437: What Happens Next?

Despite his damaged hand, Hudson Ahn rushes to train with Sunbae Nim for his upcoming bout with Daniel Park (Chapter 437 of Lookism). Ahn will learn a new technique from Sunbae that will allow him to counter his opponent’s power. Ahn plans to put in many hours of practice. His confidence in his ability to beat Daniel Park will grow. Ahn will enter the ring on fight day with a bandage covering his left hand. Daniel Park will seem confident and composed when he confronts Ahn.

The moment the conflict begins, Park will be in command. When pitted against Park’s expertise, Ahn’s new approach will look futile despite his best efforts. Ahn will recall his vow to Sunbae and Ansan just when it seems like all hope is lost. He’ll channel all his willpower into his left fist and deliver a crushing blow to Park’s jaw. Once Daniel Park collapses to the ground, the audience will erupt in cheers. When it comes down to it, will Ahn be able to get his hands on that revenge for Ansan? Time will tell, I suppose.

Lookism Chapter 437

A Quick Summary!

Hudson Ahn’s adversary Kwak Jibeom was first introduced to him in Lookism Chapter 436. When Ahn brought up Ansan, Jibeom made fun of him by making jokes about the Sun. Therefore he asserted complete mastery of the subject. While fuming, Ahn struck Jibeom in the face. Jibeom, though, said it was inadequate. Ahn countered with a harder right-handed blow. Unfortunately for Ahn, the battle took place in an apiary, where a swarm of bees began to hover about and block his line of sight. With this opening, Jibeom lied to Ahn and said he no longer got stung.

Hence, it was impossible for him to lose here. With defeat imminent, Ahn thought of his mentor, Sunbae Nim. After Ansan’s capture, he urged Ahn to keep fighting. Ahn came to and overcame Jibeom, claiming he could not lose since he had to beat Daniel Park. Jibeom used his hand blades to cut off Ahn’s dominant hand, but Ahn stopped the finishing blow with his left hand. Finally, Ahn felt prepared to take on Daniel Park. Park, meantime, was getting ready to battle Kwak Jichang, a king from the first generation.

Lookism Chapter 437

Lookism Chapter 437: Publication Date

This week sees the publication of Lookism Chapter 437. Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage regularly update with brand new chapters weekly. By February 28th, 2023, we should have Chapter 437 out. Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage all have official pages where you may read the chapter. It’s possible that the English scanlations will be delayed, though. For that reason, please revisit this page for further information.