Ningen Fushin Episode 8: The Beautiful Paladin! Publication Date

Nick and Tianna become even closer friends

While they work together to release Leon from Evolution, Tianna and Nick become closer to one another in Ningen Fushin. In addition, viewers were pleased to see the story developing in intriguing ways with each new episode. One of the most memorable moments from the previous episode was when Tony accidentally knocked down his girlfriend while trying to flee away. In Episode 8 of Ningen Fushin, Tianna and Zem share an intimate moment together. Here are the specifics of the next episode.

In the prior episode, Curran had placed her sword on the door doorknob and gone to sleep with it there. The reasons she still has trust difficulties are evident in her behavior. In the next episode, she’ll take baby steps toward trusting others. Additionally, despite going to jail, Leon is also anticipated to return shortly. As opposed to being a villain when he returns, he will be more of a friend. So if you want to know what happens in the following episode, you should keep reading.

Ningen Fushin Episode 8

Ningen Fushin Episode 8: What Happens Next?

The upcoming eighth episode of Ningen Fushin is titled “The Beautiful Paladin”. Nick and Tianna’s connection will deepen in this episode. In addition, they will discuss their feelings directly with one another. The bond between the two will be repaired in a healthy way. They will make jokes about how much they pretend to loathe one other.

End of evolution. Even still, in the next episode, we’ll see that Evolution is still a threat to the group as a whole. The following episode’s twist will be intriguing to see unfold. The next alterations will come as a complete shock to the audience.

Ningen Fushin Episode 8

Previous Episode Summary!

Ningen Fushin Episode 7 was named “Gambling Lesson”. In this episode, Leon is confronted with questions concerning a valuable item took from the Sword of Ruinous Evolution many years ago. As Leon enters the casino where Tiana, Nick, and Kizuna are having a good time, Nick is attacked. Leon, whose nose can sniff out a lie, approaches Tianna and demands to know where Nick is hiding. By the looks of things, Leon has decided to kill Tianna since she has given up faith that Nick would come to her rescue.

Yet Nick is able to save Tianna because to his Sword of Bond transformation. When Leon pleads with Evolution to cease, Evolution takes over his body. Tianna and Nick use Bond’s full strength to fuse into one body, further demonstrating their true friendship for one another. Leon, too, refuses to accept that he is a bad guy, so Tianna and Nick may use the casino’s anti-magic to bring him back to his body. At the episode’s conclusion, Leon is sent back to jail. Nick further admits that, despite Evolution’s influence, he restrained himself from murdering everyone.

Ningen Fushin Episode 8

Ningen Fushin Episode 8: Publication Date

The premiere of the next episode has been set for February 28, 2023. You may check it out when it becomes available on Crunchyroll. Are you anticipating this week’s episode of this thrilling anime? Leave your thoughts in the space provided below.