Lookism Chapter 487 Raw Scans Release Date and Spoilers

Lookism Chapter 487 is keeping the fans at the edge of their seat as we are set to see Young Gun in action. Charles Choi bought out his best arsenal, a rookie fighter against the Kojima Brothers. At the same time, we see Yuk taking medication for some sort of disease and hiding it from his ‘family.’ Lookism 487 raw scans are the answers to all the suspense, continue reading for Lookism 487 raw scans, spoilers, and release date.

Lookism Chapter 487 Raw Scans Release Date and Spoilers

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Lookism 487 Raw Scans Release Date

Lookism’s release on the official Webtoon website is weeks behind the Korean release on the Naver Website. So fans will have to read the fan translations of the upcoming Lookism chapter 487. 

Lookism Chapter 487 raw scans will be released on 8th February 2024 on Thursday at 9:30 PM Korean Standard Time or KST. The fan translations will be available within a few hours. The release times in different time zones are:

  • United States (PDT): 9 AM
  • Japan (JST): 9:30 PM
  • Europe (EST): 3:30 AM
  • Australia (AET): 11:30 AM
  • India (IST): 11:30 PM
  • Thailand (IT): 12:30 AM
  • Singapore (ST): 2 AM
  • Philippines (PHT): 8:30 AM

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Gun Vs Kojima Brothers: Spoilers

As Lookism chapter 486 comes to an end, Charles Choi is surrounded by the Cheon’s goons. Just then out of the reed fields a younger Gun.

At that point, we can assume Gun to be around 16 -17 years old. We can come up with this number because he says he was 19 at the beginning of the series when he was a senior in high school. In the current scene, Gun is a sophomore in high school, making him around 16 years old.

Although he is young, he stands alone against the Kojima brothers and the Shamen’s guards. Looking at Charles Choi’s confidence in Gun he is likely to handle the situation with ease.

The Red Paper is only mentioned in the past and is likely retrieved by Charles. It is likely not destroyed and might be brought up again when James uses it to take down Charles Choi.

Why is Yuk taking Drugs?

Yuk is outside with the Cheonliang Fam making Kimchi as Vin Jin asks him to be his teacher out of the blue. He accepts his offer and hysterically asks him to finish making the Kimchi. 

As for the girl who came to Jin’s cabin, she is revealed to be a servant at the Shaman’s house. He accepts the girl into the Cheonliang Family but demands Jin to shelter and protect her. Vin Jin requests Yuk to teach him to fight so he will be able the protect the people he cares about. 

Yuk agrees to pass on the knowledge of Ssireum to Jin and warns him about its difficulty to master. He adds it “…vomit-inducingly tough” and “…that how I learned it.” He makes his way to the cabin to store the Kimchi, but just then the box falls out of his hand and his chest stings with a sharp pain. We see him remembering his past when he was looked down upon by the adults around him.

Yuk quickly shallows the tablets to ease his anxiety and leans against the door. Seongji likely suffers from some psychological trauma. Since is unlikely he has gotten it diagnosed, Jinyoung might be responsible for giving him the drugs.

Red Paper Explained

It caught the fans by surprise when Charles Choi exclaims “The Red Paper is a paper that should not exist in this world.” It hints at the connection of the Red Paper with supernatural powers. Further, this raises the question of how Seongji Yuk got his hands on it in the first place. 

Though the content of the Red Paper is still a mystery, it points towards the dual bodies of James and Crystal. Another theory is that the Red Paper contains the contract Charles Choi made with Gun and founded 4 gangs in Seoul.

Lookism Chapter 487 will build more on the lore of Charles Choi, Seongji Yuk, and the secrets of Generation Zero. Until then, make sure to catch up on the latest manhwa news on Orianime.