Lore Olympus Chapter 227: ‘A Divine Disturbance’! Publication Date & Plot

The next chapter of Lore Olympus, 227, will take place in the underworld. All of creation, divine and human, waits with bated breath for what is to come. Is there any chance that Persephone will give Hades another chance after all he’s done wrong? Will Apollo ever tell Persephone how he feels? Will Hermes’s penchant for theft get him into trouble at any point? The next episode will progressively reveal all this and more, with drama heated than the breath of a three-headed beast. All the details of the story and the publication date of Chapter 227 are laid out here.

The next time the Gods gather on Mount Olympus in Lore, it will be for Persephone’s coronation. Fans, however, observed that Persephone put Hera’s emotions first. Some have speculated that this is the result of a spate of envious actions. but read on to find out the rest!

Lore Olympus Chapter 227

Lore Olympus Chapter 227: What Happens Next?

Although the gods have gathered for Persephone’s coronation, it does not bode well for our soon-to-be monarch. Some have dubbed it a “crown-sclerosis,” referring to Persephone’s tendency to worry more about Hera’s emotions than the main event. Will envy interfere and spoil the happy occasion? Everything hinges on Hera’s attendance and how Persphone deals with the issue. The last time Hades referred to Hera as “Bunny,” she almost felt awkward.

The high priestess of Apollo, Kassandra, will also be introduced to the public. But if she is part of the narrative, it might mean a major shift is happening. Will the fabled Trojan War of mythology have any bearing on the world of Lore Olympus? In the end, will Kassandra be able to prevent tragedy? The forthcoming chapter will be just as epic as the fall of Achilles, that much is certain. You’d better prepare for battle, since things may become heated in the next few chapters.

Lore Olympus Chapter 227

A Quick Summary!

Hera’s vivid imagination sets the tone for Chapter 226 of Lore Olympus. She visited Hades and Persephone in their underworld realm. It seemed, though, that she had been preoccupied with her own thoughts. The pair quickly brought her down to earth, though. Eventually, talk shifted to include Kronos’s offspring. Kronos’ potential takeover of Tartarus caused concern. Hera, however, reassured them that she had dealt with Kronos and that everyone was safe once more. The goddess Hera eventually admitted that she had come to report on the coronation ceremony.

Hades, however, cut her off and demanded to know whose god she had been dreaming about. But the person’s name escaped her memory. Hades warned her to slow down and enjoy life. And the conversation once again turned to the crowning. To end the chapter on a humorous note is essential. As a result of this, Hera teased Hades by asking why he hadn’t yet purchased jewelry for Persephone. Hades, however, made excuses and claimed to be busy. Kassandra was left as a cliffhanger before the story ended.

Lore Olympus Chapter 227

Lore Olympus Chapter 227: Publication Date

Every week on Sunday, you may read the newest chapter of Lore Olympus. On January 15th, 2023, we will publish Chapter 227. The introduction of Kassandra in the subsequent chapter will add more layers of complexity to the plot. The only place to read the backstory is on Webtoon, otherwise you risk feeling like a hapless mortal at a divine feast if you don’t. Additionally, keep checking back to the page for updates.