The Dangers in My Heart Anime Reveals New Cast Members, Publication Date & Other Details

The newest anime adaption is perfect for fans of tragic teen love stories. After all, nobody can resist a gripping high school drama. This is especially true when two characters’ contrasting qualities play off of one another nicely. Nario Sakurai recently announced that his popular novel, “The Dangers in My Heart,” will be adapted into an anime TV series. The public has seen the first major teaser. When, exactly, will it be released to the public, though? What’s the deal with the star? Does she have a crush on anyone? If you want to know more, keep reading!

On March 8th, 2019 in Japan, the Weekly Shonen Champion published the debut issue of the Dangers in My Heart manga by Akita Shoten. It was a brief account of everyday life. Beginning the next month, individual chapters of the Champion Cross manga were uploaded to the internet in a serialized fashion. Manga Cross currently has the rights to publish Akita Shoten manga thanks to a merger between the two firms. Seven volumes have been released thus far.

The Dangers In My Heart
The Dangers In My Heart

The Dangers In My Heart Anime: Extra Casting

The Dangers in My Heart, an upcoming anime, added three additional voice performers on Tuesday. Chihiro Kobayashi, Moeko Sekine, and Serina Yoshida will be voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, Megumi Han, and Ayaka Asai, respectively, in the anime. Anna Yamada, the protagonist, counts each of these persons among her closest friends. Two of the anime’s primary protagonists have previously been revealed in promotional materials and a promotional image.

Jukki Hanada is responsible for the script, while Masato Katsumata is in charge of the artwork, and Kensuke Ushio is in charge of the soundtrack. In addition, Shun Horie portrays Kyotaro Ichikawa and Hina Youmiya plays Anna Yamada in The Dangers in My Heart.

What is The Plot of The Anime?

An isolated young man called Kyotaro Ichikawa is the protagonist of this tale. The adolescent male avoids social situations because he feels unworthy of being with other people. In his subconscious, he often imagines he is the protagonist of a tense psychological thriller. And enjoyed being by themselves to fantasize. He is completely alone and has no one to rely on or fight against. A lot of the time, he even reads a book on murders.

He starts his anatomical education there. Anna Yamada, the most well-liked student at his school, is the target of his experiment. And he has focused on her since he despises her lifestyle. The process by which she became the most well-liked student in his or her class preoccupies him constantly. However, the longer he observes her, the clearer it becomes that she is peculiar in a number of ways. But everything alters when she enters his life. He quickly develops a close friendship with her, only to discover that she is not at all what he had anticipated.

The Dangers In My Heart
The Dangers In My Heart

The Dangers In My Heart Anime: Publication Date

The animation is now being produced, so we won’t have to wait long to see it again. Production began in the second part of 2022 after the first visible was released. From what we can tell, the release date for the anime adaptation of The Dangers in My Heart might be as early as the middle of April 2023.