Main Trailer for “Girl And Her Guard Dog” Previews Opening Theme Song

Albeit the controversial story, The Girl and Her Guard Dog is one of the most anticipated romance anime this season. The story primarily focuses on the romance between a high school girl and her muscled 30-year-old bodyguard.

The anime is getting closer to its release date, and the staff has released a main trailer. The trailer teases new information, and here’s everything you need to know.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog has received a main trailer. The trailer previews the opening theme song, “Suki ni Naccha Dame na Hito” (A Person You Shouldn’t Fall in Love With) by Masayoshi Ōishi. The Girl and Her Guard Dog will premiere on September 28.

The song is beautiful, and Oishi has done an incredible job. It fits the anime theme very well and showcases the feelings of forbidden love. The music will be released as a single on 29th September.

The 90-second trailer features the story of Isaku and Keiya with the Oishi’s beautiful theme song playing in the background. It features the first meeting of the protagonists when Isaku was just a kid.

The video then switches to Isaku as she makes her high school debut. However, she cannot live as she wants as Keiya follows her, posing as a high-school student.

Keiya is a true yandere trying to kill any boy who approaches her. He constantly dictates her life and asks her to block the guys on her social media. Now, what will happen to this forbidden relationship will form the crux of the story.

The first two episodes of The Girl and Her Guard Dog will have an advance screening in Japan on September 3 at the United Cinemas Toyosu in Tokyo. Nobuhiro Takamoto is directing the anime at project No.9. Akari Kitō will be playing the role of Isaku, and Yuichiro Umehara will play Keiya.

Now,for everyone saying age is just a number, it is not. Isaku and Keiya met when she was just a kid. He was a parent figure in her life. But he constantly groomed her and stalked her. He is hell-bent on not letting her live life on her terms.

It is a highly controversial anime redeemed only by the hotness of the male lead. And since this is anime and the 30-year-old bodyguard looks like a teenager, you can ignore the age factor and watch it.

About A Girl and Her Guard Dog

A Girl and Her Guard Dog is a manga series by Hatsuhara that was launched in December 2018. It is released in the Bessatsu magazine and is currently ongoing. An anime adaptation by project No.9 is set to premiere on 29 September,2023.

The series focuses on Isaku, a girl whose parents died when she was five, causing her to get adopted by her yakuza grandfather. The old man hired Keiya to look after her at all times.

Isaku grows up under his supervision and now longs for an average highschool life. Determined to save her from any danger that occurs, Keiya bribes his way into school as her classmate.

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