Mangaka Kenta Ishizaka’s ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-‘ Adapted Into Anime

Journeying and discovering new places, both external and internal, are common associations with travel. We have travel shows where individuals talk about their adventures, but in anime, going somewhere new is typically a turning point.

‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-,’ a manga by Kenta Ishizaka, is the first step on a path to personal growth and understanding. The protagonist puts her responsibilities on wait and decides to go on an adventure out of the blue. She, too, struggles with unanswered questions and misgivings as she wanders aimlessly.

On Friday, the July issue of Dengeki Maoh, published by Kadokawa, announced that ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-‘ would be adapted into an anime series.

Dengeki Maoh Has Announced 'Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-' Anime
Dengeki Maoh Has Announced ‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-‘ Anime

Chika Suzugamori, the protagonist, is a manga artist who has been recognized for her work. She sends her manuscripts out to publishers, but they all turn them down. She already feels down and discouraged, and the rain just makes things worse. She posts an online poll asking for suggestions on where to go sightseeing for kicks.

The next day, encouraged by the enthusiastic reaction, she follows through on her promise and heads North, where she received the most votes.

Creator Kenta Ishizaka also shared an illustration in response to the news of the anime adaptation.

'Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey' Poster by Kenta Ishizaka
‘Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey’ Poster by Kenta Ishizaka

There have been no announcements regarding the cast or crew as of yet; only the anime has been confirmed.

On the other side, a’special’ poll is being performed, which asks respondents about their ideal vacation destinations. The results of this poll may determine which ideas are used in the actual anime. The voting process has all the hallmarks of a parody of the events shown in the anime.

A slice-of-life anime about traveling that depicts a wide variety of situations. From sadness, anxiety, and confusion to effort, joy, and understanding. Really, who wouldn’t want to try it out?

Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-

The author and artist behind the travel manga “Zatsu Tabi -That’s Journey-” is Kenta Ishizaka. The series premiered in Kadokawa’s March 2019 issue of Dengeki Maoh magazine and, as of May 2023, had been collected into nine volumes.

Despite winning a rookie manga prize, Chika Suzugamori’s drafts keep getting rejected, leaving her feeling discouraged. Just when she’s about to give up, she posts a Twitter poll asking where her followers want to go on vacation.

After receiving encouraging feedback, she follows her instincts and embarks on an aimless journey. Audience members vote monthly via Twitter to determine which locations will be visited.