Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68: A War Is Starting! Publication Date

The good news this week is that the schedule for releasing the next chapter has not been delayed. So, Chapter 68 of Marriage of Convenience is right on schedule. The final one showed the supporters that the conflict was close and that everyone was in a state of terror. But of everyone there, Jacob was the most collected. And he was also trying to invade Bianca’s peace with the same intrusion, it seems. The essential information for the next section is presented without undue delay.

This new plotline provides readers with an opportunity to learn more about the conflict. As far as Arno is concerned, there is no use in stopping. Nonetheless, as time progresses, both kingdoms would sustain significant losses in the ensuing wars.

Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68

Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68: What Happens Next?

The new book’s title and story information are yet unknown to the general public. As a result, it may be a while before the audience can catch up with the new one. Now, in the opening of Marriage of Convenience Chapter 68, Bianca finally speaks up for herself. As the invaders threaten their kingdom, she may not allow them to strip her of her honor. The military plans on display are the most fascinating aspect of this.

In fact, the chapter’s introduction will have some juicy details on the same topic. Jacob’s primary strategy will eventually make its way to the subfloors. There is a strong possibility that he acted as a mole in the scheme. But how he told the whole tale to so many people, nobody knows.

Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68

Previous Chapter Summary!

In the first scene of Marriage of Convenience’s 67th chapter, Count Blanchefort and Count Arno have a friendly chat. Royal Highness Gautier’s Untimely Passing The whole nation was troubled by the events of the First. In addition, nobody had yet stepped forth to be designated as the next King or Queen. The young Crown prince now required lifelong care, and the second prince was involved in politics. However, many individuals were unhappy with the choice to bring Sevarang forward.

Next, Arno enters the picture, and the narrative switches gears. The man maintained his air of self-assurance and wit. Furthermore, he brings word that hostilities have already commenced. This man had reached the point where he would fight to the death for any small victory. Towards the end of the chapter, we see Bianca being harassed by Jacob on account of her position as ruler of the target kingdom.

Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68

Marriage Of Convenience Chapter 68: Publication Date

Predicting when the last chapters of a manhwa will be released is difficult. The new one, though, will almost certainly be released within the next few of days. Marriage of Convenience Chapter 68 may end up being released on January 26, 2023. You can only read the latest chapters of your favorite manga on their respective official Naver, Webtoon, or Kakaopage pages.