Spy Classroom Episode 4: Elna The Human! Publication Date & Plot

In Episode 4 of Spy Classroom, Klaus will enroll in the academy and begin his education regarding the Inferno mole. The mystery in the anime deepens as it progresses. At first, the goal was to establish oneself as the ultimate spy. However, as his master betrayed Klaus, the mission’s parameters shifted. Is he, though, the only possible mole on the team? It doesn’t appear to be the case. The next episode will reveal how things have progressed, so stay tuned.

In the next episode, we’ll see how Klaus manages to deal with Lamplight and the new road that the academy is on. Lily and the other girls are persuaded to join Klaus’s training program. However, a replacement will eventually enroll at the school. Who this mystery individual may be has yet to be determined. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to observe Klaus’s response.

Spy Classroom Episode 4

Spy Classroom Episode 4: What Happens Next?

Next week’s episode, titled “Fairu ‘Gujin’ no Eruna,” translates to “Elna The Human,” and will follow Klaus as he begins his career as a teacher. To instruct his students and earn their respect has been a constant uphill battle for him from the series’ inception. While he is making progress, Lamplight is still giving him trouble. The group has finally opted to train under Klaus and will soon meet Elna, another expert.

Klaus and his crew will gladly accept this new member, and training will continue as usual. But Klaus has yet to comprehend why his guide turned on him. As of yet, we don’t know. The riddle of why Klaus was saved is still unanswered. As it turns out, Guido isn’t the only mole in Inferno, and the squad has to uncover the identity of the group trying to stir up trouble there. Who, exactly, will these individuals be? If Klaus looks for it, will he discover it?

Spy Classroom Episode 4

A Quick Summary!

Before, in Episode 3 of Spy Classroom, Lamplight and Klaus sneaked into the facility. Before Lamplight could continue, however, Klaus’ mentor Guido revealed his own treachery and subsequent defection. He also allowed his enemies to bug the headquarters, letting the Empire learn of their intentions in advance. Lamplight retaliated after discovering this, but Guido soon dispatched them. After Guido had celebrated his success, Lily let out that they had seen it coming. They identified the infiltrator within Inferno and resolved to take appropriate action.

Erna, the eighth person in the group, was kept hidden from Guido. The traitor was stabbed by Erna afterwards. In short order, Klaus showed up, and he ordered the Lamplight to make a break for it with the retrieved Abyss Doll while he dealt with Guido. The injury rendered him helpless against Klaus. Surprisingly, he took a sniper shot to protect Klaus, and then died without explaining why he had betrayed Inferno. Soon after, Klaus and Lamplight traveled to Din Republic. They could have left Klaus and gone to their own academies, but instead they wanted to train under him.

Spy Classroom Episode 4

Spy Classroom Episode 4: Publication Date

In the following episode, we’ll see how well Klaus prepares his students for their next assignment. And Inferno will dig much further into the betrayal story. The fourth installment of Spy Classroom will show on January 26, 2023, at 10:30 p.m. JST. AT-X will provide live streaming service for the program in South Korea. In addition, it will be available via Hidive to viewers all around the world.