Meet the Full Cast for ‘Kitarō Tanjō: Gegege no Nazo’ Horror Anime Film  

The previously announced movie ‘Kitarō Tanjō: Gegege no Nazo’ is just one of four “big projects” celebrating Shigeru Mizuki’s 100th birthday. Mizuki, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 93, left an indelible mark on the world of manga and anime.

The staff behind the next film has announced some intriguing developments for the anime film, even if the legend is no longer with us but his legacy has made him eternal.

On Wednesday, the official website for the upcoming anime film “Kitarō Tanjō: Gegege no Nazo” unveiled an exciting new trailer and visual, providing a glimpse into the film’s cast. The film will open in Japan on November 17.

The new trailer showcases the grim and scary atmosphere of the environment as well as revealing new characters and the voice cast for the film.

Meet the Full Cast for ‘Kitarō Tanjō: Gegege no Nazo’ Horror Anime Film
Kitarō Tanjō: Gegege no Nazo Key Visual | Source: Official Website
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In the new visual, we can see Kitarou, Kitarō’s father, who would eventually become Medama Oyaji, and Mizuki, a salaryman who heads to a cursed village under secret orders.

As for the cast that has been revealed, they are as follows:

CharacterCastOther Works
Medama OyajiToshihiko Seki Komada (BioHunter)
MizukiHidenobu Kikuchi 
SayoAtsumi Tanezaki Juno (Beastars)
TokiyaYumiko KobayashiHachi (Mysterious Joker)
Tokisada RyūgaTetsu Shiratori Abe (Case Closed)
TokimaNobuo TobitaAoshima (Ah! My Goddess)
OtomeYoko Soumi Olivier Mira Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)
HinoeYuko MinaguchiYoko (Slam Dunk)
YamadaMasaya Matsukaze Miroku (Beyond the Boundary)
Neko MusumeUmeka Shouji Hiro (Case Closed)
Kenji NagataAkira IshidaChimaki (7SEEDS)
Kanoko NagataRie KugimiyaChole (Case Study of Vanitas)
KatsunoriKazuhiro Yamaji Jin (God of Highschool)
KōzōKazuya Nakai Takashi (Death Parade)
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The film is just 2 months away, and it is so exciting that the younger generation can sit and enjoy these stories. He truly connects generations with his engaging yet straightforward stories, and I cannot wait for them to come out.

About Gegege no Kitaro

Gegege no Kitaro, known initially as Hakaba Kitaro, is a manga series by Shigeru Mizuki published in 1960. The manga is famous for being a horror comedy and features demons, spirits, and folklore from many cultures.

The story revolves around a yokai boy (demon boy), Kitaro, the last surviving member of the Ghost Tribe. Together with his other yokai friends, Kitaro strives for peace between the humans and the demons.

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