Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118: Looking For 006? Publication Date

The publication of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118 has not been delayed, which is great news for readers. Some intriguing new avenues of inquiry are opened up in the previous chapter. We saw 006 one final time when he was still alive. Ijin had left to find the missing man. The truth that he was no longer an unfettered man eventually out. To put it simply, 002 had him in custody. Here, then, is all you need to know to start the new section.

In the next installment, readers will learn about all of Ijin’s potential lines of inquiry. A lot of mystery surrounds 007. That’s why it’s important to keep running into this individual; it increases the likelihood that we’ll eventually learn some secrets.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118: What Happens Next?

By the close of the previous chapter, it was common knowledge that 006, better known as Hyung, had been apprehended by 002. Ijin is troubled that he may be responsible for the death of another guy. But now the probe will proceed under Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118. Hyung’s face has been hidden from us thus far. But it appears that this particular guy is of paramount significance. The fact that 006 is still alive was disclosed in the most recent one.

There has been no word yet on whether or not he was malicious or a friend to these individuals. Many potential new alliances will become possible with the start of this new book. Observing Ijin’s progress as he looks for clues promises to be exciting.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118

Previous Chapter Summary!

In the first scene of Chapter 117 of Mercenary Enrollment, we saw the two agents talking to one another. The lady had a hard time putting together the pieces that led to the deaths of 001 and 006. The youngster said that they didn’t find out 006 knew where they were until after 001 had already been killed. In a later statement, he stressed the need of the lady maintaining contact with all of this data.

Yet, he was unsuccessful in his attempt to probe her regarding 001’s whereabouts since she flatly refused to share any details. It didn’t take long for the weapons to come out, and no one was willing to comply. In the chapter’s climactic scene, a large group of 002’s supporters arrives to attack her. She avoided the danger, nevertheless, by her own devices. Ijin was finally on his way to meet with 006.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 118: Publication Date

The producers have established the official release date of the next episode. Fortunately, Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 118 will continue to be updated without any interruptions. As a result, January 14, 2023 will be the absolute, unmovable, and unchangeable release date for the subsequent one. Only on the authorized Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage pages will fans be able to read the latest chapters of the manga.