Bastard Season 2 Confirmed: First Visual, Trailer, Publication Date & More Details

The long wait is finally over, and the most popular series is getting brand new episodes packed with thrilling content. This year, Netflix will release the second season of Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy. All eyes are on the original after a solid first season to see how the Kall-Su storyline develops, and things are looking well. Indeed, the debut teaser and poster for Bastard Season 2 have only recently appeared online. This article provides every piece of data you may possibly want.

The Japanese branch of Warner Bros. animated this Netflix series. Inspired by a popular Japanese manga series of the same name that lasted from 1988 to 2010, the film was released in Japan in 2010. The vivid brutality was an homage to both D&D and heavy metal. The first 13 episodes of the first season were made available on Netflix throughout the world on June 30, 2022. Rapid critical praise was accorded the program from the very beginning. On September 15, the second half of the first season’s episodes debuted. There was a positive response, similar to that in the first half.

Bastard Season 2
Bastard Season 2

Bastard Season 2: Publish A New Poster!

A 60-second trailer recapping the plot up to this point was used to announce Bastard!! will be returning for a second season. as well as establishing the tone for the Requiem of Hell storyline. Tia Noto Yoko, who took care of Lucien Renlen, was one of the primary characters from the first season, along with Lucien Renlen, Dark Schneider’s host and alter ego.

Those involved with the show this year will return for Season 2. However, there are now four new faces in the cast. Voice actors Sho Hayami and Takuma Terashima have been cast as Nils John Mifune and Joshua Berahia, respectively. Yngwei von Mattstrom and Zion Sol Vanderverg will be voiced by seasoned actors Junichi Suwabe and Koji Yusa.

What Happens In Season 2?

The plot begins with an invasion on the Kingdom of Metallicana by the Dark Rebel Army, who are after Anthrasax. Schneider, often known as “Dark,” was the founding leader of the Dark Rebel Army. The high priest of Metallicana has urged his daughter to contact him so that Dark Schneider may reawaken. Schneider is shown to have been resurrected as a 14-year-old named Lucien Renlen.

Schneider, the Dark, has been released back into the wild. After spending time with the high priest’s daughter, Tia Noto Yoko, he developed a whole new character and set of habits. In order to prevent the return of Anthrasax, Dark Schneider, Tia Noto Yoko, and their other allies embark on a quest. They pick up tidbits of information about Dark Schneider and their world’s history as they go.

Bastard Season 2
Bastard Season 2

Bastard Season 2: Publication Date

Everyone interested in watching Bastard should start with the first season. You may finish the entire anime series in one weekend because it is currently streaming on Netflix. While hosting a live webcast on Netflix’s anime channel on January 9, 2023, the show’s creator revealed the following information. The release date for the second season of the anime is set for 2023. The release date, however, has not been announced. To find out more, please revisit this page often.