My Hero Academia Chapter 391: Spoilers, Raw Scans, Launch Date!

Things have gone downhill since Endeavour’s loss of consciousness, but Shoto is still around to face his brother Touya aka Dabi in the final episode of My Hero Academia.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Lida had been carrying Shoto on his back for some time, and that his legs had finally given out. He then informed Shoto that he had reached the limit of his abilities. Shoto thanked Lida and then sped off using his own energy. The police headquarters were in disbelief as Shoto had already achieved hypersonic velocity.

My Hero Academia 391

The cop recalled All Might’s comments about the two students being the catalyst for everything. After that, Lida expressed gratitude to Shoto for bringing out the best in him. Then, we read the letter Lida wrote to his mom updating her on his progress. Shoto used his abilities to get to his loved ones. Shoto didn’t initially recognize his relatives, but eventually he did.

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He viewed this as a positive development, as his ice had been ineffective against Touya in their previous encounter. As if on cue, Touya came to and declared that everyone else should join him in death. Touya then went home and declared his hatred for his loved ones. He was instructed by Endeavour to “let it all out” before apologizing to his loved ones for his actions in the past. Then he went to speak to Shoto, but he passed out before he could finish his sentence. Toga recalled what Dabi had said when she saw that the fire was extinguished. Before her stood Ochako.

My Hero Academia 391: New Launch Date

The release of Chapter 391 of My Hero Academia has been delayed for one week. On June 18th, 2023, the next chapter of the manga will be available on Viz and MangaPlus in the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. Next Wednesday, the 14th of June, is the scheduled release date for spoilers and raw scans.

My Hero Academia 391 New Release Date18th June 2023
My Hero Academia 391 Raw Scans14th June 2023

My Hero Academia Chapter 391: Raw Scans

Since the My Hero Academia Manga will be taking a week off, the Raw Scans for Chapter 391 of My Hero Academia will be made available on Wednesday [14th June]. After the holiday is over and Japanese stores reopen, the manga will resume publication.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 391: Spoilers

Raw scans for My Hero Academia Chapter 391 will be released on the 14th of June, 2023, and spoilers will be released at the same time. Once we have more information about the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter 391, we will publish a new article with all the spoilers and raw scans.

My Hero Academia Chapter 391: Where to read chapter 391?

You can get the My Hero Academia manga for free in two official places. You can check it out on the Viz Media website or the official Manga Plus website or mobile app from Shueisha Japan. You can find the most recent chapters of your favorite manga here for free. You’ll have to shell out some cash if you want to read the whole manga.

All we know about “My Hero Academia” episode 391 at the moment is what’s listed here; if anything changes between now and when the episode airs, we’ll be sure to let you know. If you want more information about the spoilers for My Hero Academia episode 391, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.