My Hero Academia’s Safest Quirks

Shino Sosaki

My Hero Academia

With the aid of her telepathic quirk, Shino Sosaki may mentally communicate with her teammates. Despite the fact that her talent cannot be used in reverse, it is extremely useful when conveying crucial orders while in battle.

Sasaki also employs Telepath to divert her opponent’s focus, which makes them confused and gives her more time to launch her aggressive maneuvers.

Inko Midoriya

My Hero Academia

Inko Midoriya, Izuku’s mother, says that her Quirk is a mild case of telekinesis. demonstrating her alleged ability to attract little objects by drawing an All Might toy she had found on the floor.

She acknowledges that the Quirk isn’t particularly potent. But when she has to clean up messes around the house, it undoubtedly comes in handy. Her telekinetic pull’s sole downside is that it takes too long to activate.

Kosei Tsuburaba

My Hero Academia

Kosei uses his Quirk to shape-shift the air around him into various barriers and scaffolds. These Solid Air fragments are very resilient and insulated. It offers its user a sort of protection that can be quickly disassembled and rebuilt.

Kosei has impressively advanced Solid Air to the point that he can now contain opponents inside nearly unbreakable “air cubes.” Kosei has not yet advanced to the point where this Quirk may be used as an offensive tactic, perhaps to make weapons.

Emi Fukukado

My Hero Academia

Even though Ms. Joke’s (Emi Fukukado) brand of humor occasionally comes off as annoying, she is innately lively and joyful. With a meta-ability like Outburst, she can incapacitate opponents by making them laugh nonstop, negating the requirement for her to be hilarious.

Though theoretically innocuous, this Quirk’s range and nuances are still unknown. As bizarre as it may sound, excessive laughter might cause death.

Atsuhiro Sako

My Hero Academia

Atsuhiro Sako is a famous example of a villain that possesses a peaceful quirk, which is as common in villains as it is in heroes. Any object, amount of energy, or living being he touches can be reduced and deposited within turquoise-colored marbles by his Compress.

Even individuals as strong as Tokoyami and Bakugo have not been able to escape Atsuhiro’s grasp after being subjected to his Quirk. On the other hand, Compress has the potential to accidently maim individuals if used without the necessary safety measures.