My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 7: Inukai Is Enraged! Publication Date & Plot

Tsukishiro had experienced many dreary rainy evenings, but this one was going to take a turn for the bizarre. When she was resting in bed, feverish after the storm, she had an unexpected visitor. She has been caught by Inukai and Nekotani at an inappropriate location with the wrong person. In order to face an enraged Inukai, Tsukishiro must hope that his illness subsides soon. The release date and summary of Episode 7 My Life as Inukai’s Dog are provided below.

Tsukishiro will have to justify her actions with an unclothed Pochita in the upcoming chapter of My Life as Inukai’s Dog. We know you can’t wait to find out what happens next! You’ll want to read on to get the rest of the story.

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 7

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 7: What Happens Next?

The title of My Life As Inukai’s Dog Season 7 has not yet been released. Tsukishiro has made Inukai very upset by adopting Pochita as her pet. She believes that Tsukishiro should return Pochita to her, and she is disappointed that he hasn’t done so. Inukai visits Tsukishiro at her home to demand that she return Pochita to him. Tsukishiro and Pochita are kissing as Inukai shows there. Pochita, however, escapes during the argument.
It is during their quest for Pochita that Inukai and Tsukishiro discover how much they care for him. They haven’t given up looking for him, though. Pochita, meantime, is disoriented and anxious. He has no idea where to go and is missing Tsukishiro and Inukai. Can Inukai and Tsukishiro save Pochita from imminent danger? When it comes to reuniting Pochita with her family, will they be able to set aside their differences and work together? What happens next is anyone’s guess.

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 7

A Quick Summary!

“A Lonely Rabbit” was the title of Episode 6 of My Life As Inukai’s Dog. Pochita learned that Tsukishiro, in his canine form, had been tending to his garden. And he knew that Tsukishiro loved him more than anybody else. That’s why he was eager to make the transformation back to human form. Pochita and Tsukishiro were walking in the rain one day when a passing automobile sprayed them both with water. Tsukishiro became aware of Pochita after hearing his bark. They became inseparable once she brought him home with her. To find Pochita, Inukai and Nekotani set off. But the rain made it so they couldn’t locate him.

Pochita witnessed Tsukishiro collapsing at her house due to a high fever. When he tried to unhook her bra, she started crying and spoke to him as if he were human, so he helped her out of her wet garments. Tsukishiro’s feelings for Pochita completely floored him. To help, Pochita removed her panties and grabbed her some clothing. Next thing you know, Inukai and Nekotani have come, and they’ve just seen Tsukishiro in nothing but her underwear. Both of them were concerned by this development. Suddenly Inukai was more enraged than ever before at the young lady and Pochita.

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 7

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 7: Publication Date

Each week, there’ll be a new episode of this show available. On February 18, 2022, the seventh episode of My Life as Inukai’s Dog will premiere. This episode will only be available through Crunchyroll’s official channels. Make sure to return to this page for more updates.