Nano Machine Chapter 142: Date Of Release, Spoilers For The Raw Scan

The investigation into finding Divine Doctor is continuing, despite the fact that communications with the previous group have been severed. As a result of Cheon Yeo Woon’s decision to take matters into his own hands, the action of Nano Machine Chapter 142 will begin with him traveling to the Abandon Sword Valley.

In the near future, we anticipate hearing news of a Nano Machine anime adaptation.

The condition of the former Grand Cult Leader, Cheon Yoo Jong, has not improved, and the demonic physicians have been unable to do anything about it. Yeo Woon is unable to allow his father to pass away now that he is aware of the reason behind it.

He had considered getting in touch with the Divine Doctor, who is famous for being able to save the life of anyone who is on the verge of passing away. This was his very last hope. Yeo Woon believed that it would be simpler for him to communicate with the Divine Doctor given that he already possessed the Scarlet Jade token.

In order to be ready for this, he had dispatched the most reliable members of his staff to find the physician. They had incredible fighting ability, so there was no way anything could stop them from winning.

However, there was no news about the previous dispatch party that was in possession of the token, so Cheon Yeo Woon and his other subordinates set out to rescue his people if they were in any kind of danger.

Nano Machine

They were left stranded at the bottom of the valley as a result of the persistent rain. Because of this, they were forced to seek refuge in a nearby inn. Because it is extremely risky to venture into uncharted territory when the weather is unfavorable, this was the most prudent course of action for them to take.

The fact that disciples of the Wudang Sect were already residing in this location made it unlikely that guests would find the inn experience to be as relaxing as they had anticipated. The Wudang Sect was considered to be among the most influential of the Nine Great Sects practiced by the Orthodox.

Even though Cheon Yeo Woon ordered them to keep quiet so that it wouldn’t attract trouble, it is certainly a hint that the Wudang Sect might have some connection to the valley that lies ahead. Cheon Yeo Woon’s order was given for the purpose of preventing trouble. In the 142nd chapter of Nano, will there be a confrontation between the two parties?

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Date Of Publication For The Nano Machine Chapter 142

It is clear that the majority of the different sects are taking steps to stabilize themselves in response to the increasing unrest that is occurring within them. Because of his extraordinary abilities, Cheon Yeo Woon is so close to achieving his goal.

As was previously mentioned, the Six Blade Martial School has infiltrated the Murim Alliance with spies, which is why the Murim Alliance is attempting to keep as much information to itself as they possibly can. Is it possible that one of the enemies is tasked with shaking Murim’s very foundations with this job?

Raw scans of the Korean version of Nano Machine are updated once a week on Tuesdays and are posted on Naver. As there has been no announcement regarding any breaks, it can be concluded that Nano Machine Chapter 142 will most likely be published on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

The translation of these raw scans typically takes up to ten to twelve hours and is distributed by groups that specialize in scanlation. In accordance with the pattern that has been established over the course of the previous few weeks, the English scans of Nano Machine Chapter 142 will be made available on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. approximately during the same time period as Lookism Chapter 434.

Leave The Sword Valley Behind

The inn is run by an elderly gentleman, who also serves in the role of caretaker. Because he was born and raised in the area, he has a superior level of familiarity with all aspects of the location, making him the most reliable source of information available on the topic.

While Cheon Yeo Woon and his subordinates were eating, the old man inquired of them as to whether or not they were also attempting to enter the valley. Everyone in the dining area became cautious after hearing the question and stopped what they were doing to pay attention to the response. It is likely to be a very touchy subject for everyone who is currently present there.

They are given the advice by the elderly man to stay away from the valley for their own safety, as no one has been able to emerge from the valley in recent times. Despite this, there have been no reports of members of other groups going missing, with the exception of their own dispatch team, which vanished.

Although it has been reported that a different group of martial arts experts has vanished from the valley, the innkeeper claims that he is not aware of many of the details regarding this incident.

What could possibly have been the cause of the disaster that occurred in the Abandon Sword Valley? It is anticipated that the answers will be provided in Nano Machine Chapter 142.

Speculations Regarding The Divine Doctor

People who had taken refuge in the inn were thrown into a frenzy when it was mentioned that they should abandon Sword Valley. With the assistance of Nano, Cheon Yeo Woon was able to pick up the transmission signals coming from the other people in the room, which enabled him to learn a few new things.

One of the people in another party, who also had a member who went missing from the valley, had the suspicion that the innkeeper knows something about the situation but is purposefully withholding information about it.

The one sound that mentioned something about ‘that item’ stood out the most among the many sounds that were heard. However, there was never any report of people going missing or being killed if they were not in possession of that thing.

This raises the question of the Divine Doctor and whether or not something has happened to him in the past that has led to him taking such stringent safety precautions. Cheon Yeo Woon made an effort to comprehend whether or not the item that was mentioned is the unique token that enables a visit from Divine Doctor.

It is also disclosed that the Divine Doctor employs the services of some extremely powerful people to provide security for him. The vast majority of those who are currently present do not wish to become involved with those who are guarding the Divine Doctor.

The Divine Doctor is the primary reason for the majority of guests’ presence at the inn. Is he actually as skilled as the rumors claim he is, or is there more to the story than what initially meets the eye? The events of Nano Machine Chapter 142 will answer some of the questions that have been raised as the story progresses.