Ningen Fushin Episode 3 Premiering Soon! Publication Date, Spoilers & Preview

Popularity of the Ningen Fushin anime has been rising rapidly. Though still in its early stages, the anime has proven rather engaging. What happens next in the anime should be quite a sight to behold. In the third episode of Ningen Fushin, viewers will get to watch how the team members work together and grow in confidence. More importantly, Nick’s oversight causes him to act inadvertently. This episode will show, however, how he attempts to remedy the mishap. Before the episode airs, here are all the details you absolutely must know.

In the prior episode, a new group of people came together and gave themselves the name Survivors. The concern that emerges, though, is how long the Survivors will be able to work together before they break up. There were also some attempts at team activities by the squad. Can the team expect to grow closer via these shared experiences or will they grow apart? Read on to learn more.

Ningen Fushin Episode 3
Ningen Fushin Episode 3: What Happens Next?

“Curran’s Secret” is the title of next week’s episode. Nick’s group, who he called “the Survivors,” had emerged as a formidable force. However, the squad as a whole experienced trust concerns. In the third episode of Ningen Fushin, we’ll find out how the team members deal with these problems and whether or not they’re able to build trust with one another. They’ll start to share more about their vulnerabilities and strengths as they get to know one another better. Members will open out more about their experiences and emotions.

Tiana had also fired a spell by mistake, causing even more suspicion and animosity among the group. In the next episode, we’ll find out how the group deals with and gets through these negative emotions. What’s more, it’ll be fascinating to watch how Curran and Tiana deal with the monster they run across, as well as how Nick’s careless error of losing the unique charm impacts the rest of the party.

Ningen Fushin Episode 3

Previous Episode Summary!

The title of Episode 2 of Ningen Fushin was “The Ultimate Party Is Formed? Survivors!” After hearing Curran’s account, Nick names his new squad Survivors. The group settles on a set of regulations that forbids anybody less than a unanimous vote from receiving team compensation. Since they are a brand new squad, they will begin at the G level. Trust amongst the squad members eventually breaks out after Tiana fires a spell at Curran by mistake.

They eventually make it to the Dungeon Boss, where Tiana single-handedly dispatches a colossal slime. Nick offers a team-building activity to help everyone on the team get closer. Tiana’s honesty with Curran about her own flaws and virtues ultimately wins Curran over. A crucial charm from Curran’s bag was dropped by Nick at the end of the episode, shattering it.

Ningen Fushin Episode 3

Ningen Fushin Episode 3: Publication Date

The next episode will air on January 17, 2023, at 9 p.m. JST. The popular anime is now available to watch online via Disney+ and other streaming providers.