Urusei Yatsura Part 2: Teaser Alert! New Storyline Revealed & Publication Date

Are you prepared for more outlandish antics from the extraterrestrial invading force? In this season, the second half of Urusei Yatsura returns and is more exciting than ever. Producers of the program have released a sneak peek. Exciting new developments in the narrative are on the horizon. Cour 2 will be even crazier and stranger because to the addition of additional characters. And there you have it; that’s the whole story behind the teaser!

The upcoming Urusei Yatsura (2022) anime is a throwback to the original series. Rumiko Takahashi’s manga of the same name served as inspiration for the film. Since October 14, 2022, episodes of the show have been shown. And there will be a total of 46 episodes spread out across four seasons of pure throwback goodness. To learn more, continue on!

Urusei Yatsura Part 2


The most recent trailer for Urusei Yatsura Part 2 debuted on YouTube on January 12, 2023. And it’s showing readers a glimpse of the plot they may expect in the next chapter. Several of Cour 2’s episode names are revealed in the trailer. All of them tease the introduction of brand-new characters and plotlines. Fans are eager to find out what new adventures Lum and Ataru will go on and what challenges they will face in the new season. Is it possible that Benten may come back to bother Ataru again? Could Lum’s relatives potentially generate problems for the Mendos?

Maybe Lum and Ataru’s love won’t be tested, but maybe it will. Who knows what will happen in Urusei Yatsura Part 2, but fans are in for a wild journey. The continuation of the anime’s heritage will be ensured by the inclusion of recognizable characters and stories (from the 1981 version). Over the years, Urusei Yatsura has amassed a massive following. To this end, it’s heartening to see that the producers have remained faithful to the nostalgic elements that helped establish the anime’s status as a fan favorite. See the preview right here:

What Happens Next?

More alien antics, love triangles, and Lum’s trademark “U-Ya!” can be found in Urusei Yatsura’s second season. To begin, ‘That Mizunokoji Boy’ is the central plot point of Urusei Yatsura Part 2, in which Mendo faces off against Tobimaro Mizunokoji and his sister, Asuka. But there’s more tension to come. Viewers of ‘Family Feud!’ will meet Ryunosuke Fujinami, a girl whose father makes her pass for a guy so that she may inherit the family company. However, the best part of the show occurs in “Indelible Lipstick Magic.”

Being loyal to herself, Lum will develop a lipstick that compels its users to kiss. For its 110th episode, the original series adapted a narrative. Then there’s ‘Drunken Boogie,’ in which Lum and Ten get a bit too hammered on pickled plums and raise a ruckus. As the series comes to a close, the Tomobiki girls will face off in the “Decisive Battle! Tomobiki Queen Contest” for the title of the most popular student in school.

Urusei Yatsura Part 2

Urusei Yatsura Part 2: Publication Date

Ataru’s antics will reach new lows, while Lum’s charisma will reach new heights. Part 2 of Urusei Yatsura has already begun broadcasting. Episode 12’s events have been carried over into Cour 2. Each week on Thursday, new episodes will be available. The series is available for viewing on HIDIVE and Bilibili for fans.