Ningen Fushin Episode 7: Math Meets Mayhem! Publication Date & Plot

Bare Knuckle Mathematics is an unusual simulation of mathematical processes. In this one-of-a-kind competition, participants battle for 10 rounds as their teammates complete math questions to gain punches. However, the Iron Tigers have a scheme to cheat using their member, Beg. And the rest of the Survivors will have to band together to find him and even the score. This concludes our coverage of the narrative and release date for Ningen Fushin Episode 7.

All players must get together to risk losing next time cheats invade Ningen Fushin. Iron Tigers have a lot of dirty tricks, so it won’t be simple. Read on to learn more.

Ningen Fushin Episode 7

Ningen Fushin Episode 7: What Happens Next?

The following section will be called “Gambling Lesson.” The Survivors plan on celebrating their triumph against the Iron Tigers with a meal at an exclusive restaurant. Curran can’t wait to put her newfound arithmetic abilities to practice by ordering from the menu’s greatest offers. But then they find out that the owners of the restaurant also organized the Bare-Knuckle Mathematics tournament, and the tables are turned. The eatery turns out to be a cover for a wider criminal operation when they dig further.

The Survivors have a tough decision to make: ignore the crime and eat, or risk everything to catch the crooks. Incorporating Curran’s numeracy, they devise a strategy to report the eatery to the police for its unlawful practices. Some of the tastiest cuisine ever is prepared for the Survivors as they work together to bring down the organization. They come to see that even the most seemingly inconsequential abilities may be put to good use in the end.

Ningen Fushin Episode 7

A Quick Summary!

“Math Bare Knuckle” was the title of Episode 6 of Ningen Fushin. Nick and Leon battled it out in Bare Knuckle Mathematics as Curran and Claudine solved mathematical problems. Answering the most questions properly earned Curran and Claudine a free punch for their combatant. As a result, Curran struggled with arithmetic. Plus, Claudine used cheating techniques to win the first three rounds. Therefore, Nick was punched three times.

The Survivors had reason to believe that the Iron Tigers were cheating, so they devised a strategy to catch them in the act. Claudine utilized some sort of device to cheat and acquire the answers to the questions, which were all asked at once. They exposed the cheating Iron Tigers, who subsequently ran into difficulty. Claudine felt down because she hated the idea of being evil. Also, Curran enjoyed her time in math class. When eating out, she would no longer have to spend as much money.

Ningen Fushin Episode 7

Ningen Fushin Episode 7: Publication Date

On Tuesdays of every week, you may watch the latest episode of this anime. On February 21, 2023, the seventh episode of Ningen Fushin will premiere. If there are any changes to the information about the release, we will make sure to update this area. Meanwhile, the most up-to-date episode is available exclusively on Crunchyroll.