One Piece Chapter 1074: Spoilers, Raw Scans and Release Date

In One Piece Chapter 1074, the truth about the first time Saint Saturn of the global government and Dr. Vegapunk crossed paths will be exposed. We will soon learn the answers to many other questions, such as Saturn’s purpose on Kizaru’s ship.

Vegapunk, as we saw in the previous chapter, developed a number of weapons with a message of peace, such as a tank that shoots flowers when fired. Stussy may have thought Lucci had attacked her, but it was all in her head. The attack she used was called “Remaining Body,” and it has to do with origami. She put on her lipstick of superpowers and bit Lucci. After that, Lucci nodded off as well.

One Piece 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans New Release Date
One Piece 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans New Release Date

Stussy was revealed to be the one Vegapunk had spoken with. We learned that she had no interest in joining CP-0 at any point. Even though Stussy was able to stop Lucci, she is powerless against the Seraphims Lucci has ordered to attack the lab. After a few moments, Lilith and Edison emerged from the laboratory. After S-Hawk attacked Lilith, Zoro stepped in and began fighting with him.

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Sanji defended Edison from an S-Shark attack. Then, after receiving an order to cease operations from Edison, the seraphim did so immediately. While in the lab, Luffy and Chopper continued their search for Vegapunk. Even though Marco was fighting in Wanokuni, Marines arrived on Sphinx Island. Weevil had just arrived at that time, saved the island, and was subsequently captured by Ryogoku.

We then encountered Marco and Miss Bakkin, who had asked him to return her son. A crew member on Kizaru’s ship brought the elderly man some food. Kizaru then inquired as to whether or not the old man had ever met Vegapunk, to which the latter replied affirmatively.

The old man has a scar on the left side of his face and grey deadlocks; he is one of the five elders who make up the Gorousei. Saint Jagercia Saturn is the highest official in the World Government. The chapter ends with the old man expressing his disappointment with how things have developed.

One Piece Chapter 1074: New Release Date

Author Eiichiro Oda is taking a week off to spice things up, so the One Piece manga will be on hiatus this week. The next chapter of One Piece will be released on Wednesday, so be on the lookout for spoilers then.

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One Piece 1074 New Release Date10th February 2023
One Piece 1074 raw scans and spoilers release7th February 2023

One Piece Chapter 1074: Raw Scans

Release of One Piece 1074 Raw Scans is expected to occur on or around February 7th, 2023. Next week, we will compile all the scattered tidbits of data and write a new article about it, complete with spoilers and raw scans. Until then, you can check out some of the other great content we’ve culled from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump mangas.

One Piece Chapter 1074: Spoilers

Upon the release of the raw scans for Chapter 1072 of One Piece on February 7th, we will then release spoilers for the chapter. In the three weeks that he takes off, Oda always manages to do some serious plot and character development. We’ll have a brand-new article up about it next week, complete with spoilers and uncensored scans, as soon as it’s available.

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One Piece Chapter 1074: Where to read?

There are two official ways to read One Piece manga. If you want to support the artists and creators, you should always read the manga on the official websites. In the list below, we list the official sources that you can read for free:

  1. Viz Media website
  2. Manga Plus’s official website and app

This is all we know about One Piece 1074 right now. Read them while you’re waiting for the official English version, and make sure you’re reading the latest One Piece chapter on an official website or app. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about One Piece and other manga and anime.