One Piece Chapter 1074: Spoilers, Raw Scans, Launch Date

In Chapter 1074 of One Piece, it is revealed that the whereabouts of the real Vegaounk are still unknown, and that the entire crew will be searching for him while Luffy and Zoro protect Lucci and Kaku. However, Morgan is attempting to make it appear as though Luffy has kidnapped Vegapunk. Keep reading to find out more!

As we saw in the previous chapter, Vegapunk developed a variety of weapons with a message of peace built right into them, such as a tank that shoots flowers when fired. Stussy may have thought Lucci had attacked her, but it was all an illusion. She launched a papercraft-themed attack called “Remaining Body.” She put on her lipstick of doom and bit Lucci. After this, Lucci did the same thing and went to sleep.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Stussy was revealed to be the one Vegapunk spoke with. We learned that she had no interest in joining CP-0 at any time. Stussy may have been able to stop Lucci, but the Seraphims Lucci has ordered to attack the lab are beyond her control. Later, we observed Lilith and Edison emerging from the laboratory. S-Hawk launched an attack on Lilith, but Zoro quickly intervened and began fighting with him.

When S-Shark tried to attack Edison, it was Sanji who came to his rescue. Then, after receiving a stop order from Edison, the angels ceased their activities. Luffy and Chopper hadn’t given up their search for Vegapunk in the laboratory. While Marco was busy fighting in Wanokuni, Marines arrived on Sphinx Island. Weevil had just arrived at that time, saved the island, and was promptly captured by Ryogoku.

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And then we ran into Marco and Miss Bakkin, who had asked him to return her son. Kizaru, while sailing, brought an elderly man some food. Kizaru followed up by asking the elderly man if he had ever met Vegapunk, to which the man replied affirmatively.

The old man, who is one of the Gorousei (five elders), is easily identifiable by the scar on his face’s left side and his grey deadlocks. His name is Saint Jagercia Saturn, and he is the most powerful person in the World Government. As the chapter came to a close, the old man expressed his disappointment with how things had developed.

One Piece Chapter 1074: Launch Date

Next week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, available from Viz Media and Mangaplus’ official website on Sunday, February 12, 2023, will feature One Piece chapter 1074. Raw scans and chapter spoilers are available now, as mentioned below. The relevant sections are listed below for your perusal.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Release Date12th February 2023
One Piece Chapter 1074 raw scans and spoilers release8th February 2023

One Piece Chapter 1074: Raw Scans 

The raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1074 have been made public. While Bonney delves into Kuma’s past, the chapter reveals that the straw hat crew, led by Stussy, will go in search of authentic Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date
This scan shows Zoro and Stussy as they were discussing where is the real Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date
Vivi and Wapol both are on Morgan’s ship as they are hiding from the world government. Wapol is panicking.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date
This scan shows the Pacifista from the Mark III unit.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date
Zoro and Luffy are on the guard for Lucci and Kaku while other crew members are looking for vegapunk in the lab.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date
Bonney is going through Kuma’s past and she discovers some tragic events that might have led to things where Kuma is right now.

One Piece Chapter 1074: Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Mark III’
  • The chapter begins with fifty units of a new Pacifista model called “Mark III” assaulting CP-0 agents in Fabriophase.
  • These new Pacifistas have different uniforms and wear sunglasses.
  • Vegapunk developed a new technique known as ‘Bubble Shield,’ which they employ.
  • According to CP-0, they are more powerful than those they fought in the Marineford Paramount War.
  • Sentomaru was responsible for releasing the Pacifista.
  • He instructed them to aid Dr. Vegapunk in his departure from Eggehad Island.
  • Stussy and four Seraphims arrive at the location of the Vegapunk clones and the Straw Hat crew.
  • They decide to search separately for genuine Vegapunk, but Zoro and Luffy will not accompany them.
  • Luffy is exhausted, and the crew does not want Zoro to get lost in the lab, so they will be guarding Lucci and Kaku in the control room.
  • On the opposite side, Bonney is alone in a grassy field, without Vegapunk.
  • Bonney observes a castle shadow and some Tenryuubito.
  • Then she encounters young Kuma, who is being mistreated by a group of individuals.
  • Young Kuma is being compelled to travel.
  • Pythagoras is searching for the genuine Vegapunk within the laboratory when he suddenly detects something.
  • The moment he turns around, that section of the building explodes.
  • They are unable to leave the laboratory because CP-0 will shoot them upon exiting the facility.
  • The ship of World Economy News Paper is in the sky beyond Egghead Island.
  • Vivi is currently aboard her ship with Morgans and Wapol.
  • Similarly to Vivi, Wapol is hiding from the global government.
  • Morgans are considering a headline now that they are aware Luffy is on egghead island.
  • They conclude that Luffy has taken Vegapunk as a hostage, seized Egghead island, and is about to declare war on the marines.
  • They believe that World Government will appreciate this headline.
  • The Morgans then instruct their staff to collect funds from the International Government.
  • Vivi is furious with Morgans and asserts that Luffy would never commit such an act.
  • Morgan tells Vivi to be quiet and not instruct him on how to complete his work.
  • As the newspaper is a source of entertainment, he says he does not care if is true or false.
  • Chapter ends.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date One Piece Chapter 1074: Where to read?

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