One Piece Chapter 1086: Gives More Information About Imu and the Old Weapon Uranus.

In the last few chapters of One Piece, there have been a lot of shocking reveals that go deep into the past of the series, especially about the mysterious World Government. In One Piece Chapter 1086, the theme of revealing important facts keeps going.

In Chapter 1086, the titles of the Five Elders, who are some of the most powerful people in the One Piece world, are revealed. Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, the only Elder we know of, is shown to be the Warrior God of Scientific Defense. Saint Shepherd Ju Peter plays the role of the Warrior God of Agriculture. He has blonde hair and a scar across his collarbone.

Saint Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro is the Warrior God of Finance. He has a bald head, wears glasses, and dresses in a way that isn’t typical for a kimono.

The Elder with the big white mustache is known as Saint Topman Valkyrie, which makes him the Warrior God of Legal Matters. Lastly, Saint Marcus Mars is known as the Warrior God of the Environment. He has long white hair and a beard.

Five Elders

The flashback in Reverie finally shows us something about Imu-sama. Even the Five Elders, the highest-ranking Celestial Dragons, bow down to Imu, the most powerful person in the world and the only one who can sit on Mary Geoise’s Empty Throne.

Before One Piece chapter 1086, it wasn’t clear how Imu could attack the island of Lulusia in such a dangerous way. Imu rained down beams of energy from the sky because she has a powerful ability or weapon that she can use in a split second.

Island of Lulusia

This made so much destructive power that the whole island of Lulusia was wiped off the maps as if it had never been there. Most fans thought that the mysterious bad guy used Uranus, one of the three mysterious Ancient Weapons that could kill a lot of people.

Most fans thought that Imu’s use of Uranus to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom was right, but One Piece chapter 1086 showed that they were wrong. The chapter says that Imu’s powerful abilities are based on a weapon made by Dr. Vegapunk, the best scientist working for the World Government.

We don’t know if the scientist who made the weapon that Vegapunk gave Imu copied Uranus or made it from scratch. What is known is that the connection between Vegapunk and the Lulusia Kingdom disaster gives new information about what is happening on Egghead right now.

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Imu is scary because he is the leader of a cruel dictatorship that controls everything, even history, and has weapons that can destroy whole islands in seconds. Recent chapters have only helped to build up the excitement even more.

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One Piece

Japanese author and artist Eiichiro Oda created the popular manga series One Piece. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The King of the Pirates is Gol D. Roger. He’s the only one on Earth with a complete collection of items. His final words at the tower of death were, “My treasures?” If you want it, I’ll give it to you. Go there; that’s where I put everything. Many people set sail in search of the legendary One Piece. Towards the Grand Line they walked. A new era had thus begun.

One Piece seeker young Monkey D. Luffy also makes his way toward the Grand Line. He aspires to be the most feared pirate on the high seas. One swordsman, one marksman, one navigator, one cook, one doctor, one archaeologist, and one cyborg shipwright make up his crew. This is going to be an unforgettable experience.