One Piece Manga Goes On A One-Month Break.

The One Piece manga is on a month-long break, but it’s all for the best because the author, Eichiro Oda, is getting an eye surgery and needs to rest. In a public statement, he said that his eye has been giving him trouble for a long time and is now getting in the way of his work. So, he decided to have the surgery so he could work on his creation without worrying about anything.

It will also be a good time to get away from the busy lives of mangakas, who don’t have much time to relax because of tight deadlines and a lot of work. Eichiro Oda has a condition called astigmatism, which makes it hard to see things in the far distance and up close.

One Piece Manga Goes On A One-Month Break.He said that he has had this problem for more than a year, and he has finally decided to take a four-week break so that he can get the right treatment and heal. He told his fans that he would get back to work as soon as he could. He also joked that after this eye surgery, he would be able to shoot beams out of his eyes.

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With the final arc of the One Piece manga only just beginning, the story is at a pivotal juncture, and it continues to get more interesting with each new chapter. Now could be a good time for him to mentally comb through the story and close any loose ends or unanswered questions that have been plaguing him.

In a statement, Oda explained that he had been experiencing vision problems for some time and that he had been saying things like “there are too many twins these days.” Concerned fans from around the world flocked to his Instagram to ask how he was doing, but he assured them there was no need to worry. Fans of his and One Piece were asked to be patient while he takes a month off to get better before he draws again.

According to the narrative, we now know who the five elders are who run the global government, what their specialties are, and how much power each of them has. As competition for the One Piece increases, alliances are being formed all over the world. We haven’t even seen anything yet, and the real battle won’t begin until the Holy Knights get involved, say some notable One Piece figures.

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The Figarland family’s leader of the Holy Knights has also been exposed. His name is Garling Figarland, and he has an old man’s appearance. It may look shattered now that Luffy and the others are with Dr. Vegapunk, but once they all gather in one place, the real thing will begin, and the great saga that has been running for 25 years and has millions of fans will finally come to a close.

On July 18th, 2023, Viz Media will release One Piece Chapter 1087 in English; the Japanese version will appear earlier that same week. Everything in the One Piece manga is completely unpredictable at this point, and it’s a pirate world, so you never know who to trust.