One Punch Man Twitter For Anime Warns Against False Information

One Punch Man is not an exception to the rule that popular franchises will frequently become the subject of false information and rumors.

Saitama may not give a damn about all the evil people in the world, but he very certainly does care if his followers are misled.

One Punch Man’s official Twitter account has published a warning about it in order to stop fans from being duped by misleading information.

This is the sole “official” Twitter account for One Punch Man, according to the tweet, which was written in both English and Japanese. Additionally, it warned against relying on unreliable sources of information and stated that, when the time is right, proper information would be made available on this platform.

This mishap most likely occurred as a result of recent claims made by the renowned leaker Shonenleaks that MAPPA will animate the third season of One Punch Man. After then, there was no official notification, and this misleading warning signifies that the One Punch Man franchise and MAPPA both refute any such change.

Shonenleaks’ tweet became viral to an inconceivable degree, therefore the business and the franchise were forced to respond. If the franchise hadn’t addressed it right away, this might have been quite terrible.

As a result, we always suggest that you hold off until an official statement has been made. Even while leaks are frequently entertaining and even trustworthy, you should never put all your faith in them.

They are termed leaks for a reason since there is no verified source to support them. So, bear this in mind the next time you share a post that contains leaked information: it might not come to pass.

I’m hoping the One Punch Man franchise will give us a good news soon on the third season of the anime.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man
One Punch Man

Japanese superhero One-Punch Man is a webcomic that was started in early 2009 by the artist One. It features both an anime version and a Yusuke Murata-illustrated manga adaptation. The webcomic immediately gained popularity after its release and reached 7.9 million visits in June 2012.

Powerful monsters and villains have been causing havoc in the cities of an unnamed Earth-like supercontinent world. The global government established the Hero Association, which uses superheroes to oppose them. The heroes are classified into classes C through S.

Unrelated hero Saitama, who is from the city of City-Z, engages in brave acts for his own amusement. He has mastered himself to the point that he has beyond his “limit” and can now easily destroy any foe with a single punch while dispatching monsters in the same manner. However, he is now dissatisfied with his omnipotence and angry because he feels unchallenged.