One Punch Man Chapter 177: The God’s Pawn! Publication Date & Plot

For the end of the year, several mangas are taking a short pause. One such manga on this list is One Punch Man. In the last chapter, Psykos’ flashback scenario depicts a bleak future for humanity. The panel changed to black-and-white scribbles, portending a tragic end. What did she see in the future that made her face seem so horrifying? The fight between Tatsumaki and Fubuki has started in the present. How will Murata connect all of these storylines? Here are the details about the plot and publication date for One Punch Man Chapter 177.

There will be several surprises in the upcoming chapter. Murata has included a character from the manga that was absent from ONE’s webcomic. It is obvious that the mangaka is only using the webcomic’s plot as a guide. For a sneak peak at Murata’s story for the following chapter, keep reading!

One Punch Man Chapter 177

One Punch Man Chapter 177: What Happens Next?

One Punch Man Chapter 177’s title has not yet been released online. However, Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Psykos will be at the core of the story. The renowned Tsukuyomi faction, however, won’t allow Tatsumaki to capture Psykos. It is clear from earlier chapters that the group is seeking Psykos for her third eye. She can see the future, as was shown in Chapter 176. And she alone is aware of what the future of humanity holds. The Tsukuyomi group is interested in the future because of its covert objectives. The flashback panel also implied that Psykos’s insanity and affiliation with evil were results of this harsh reality. Following their conflict in the Garou arc, Fubuki triumphed against Psykos.

However, a huge otherworldly entity was circling the pair. Is Pyskos’ poor mental state caused by God? The narrative lines imply that God is brainwashing heroes in order to exterminate humanity. Additionally, like Psykos in the Garou arc, Vaccine Man and Homeless Emperor kept shouting about eradicating the human species. God appears to view us as a plague that is destroying the world. It’s likely that God may eventually come to Earth in the next chapters to deal with the heroes. Therefore, it is evident that God is looking for a vassal body based on the veins that appeared on Psykos’ face in chapter 176.

One Punch Man Chapter 177

A Quick Summary!

“Epicenter” is the name of Chapter 176 of One Punch Man. Psykos and Fubuki are seen on the cover page of the chapter wearing their high school regalia. The panel then cut to a scene in the past when Psykos informed Fubuki that their society for supernatural study had assimilated the Invisible Hand, a rival organization, into their division. She went back to the library and began looking on Third Eye. She managed to unleash the power and pull it off somehow. She started experiencing nightmares and seeing things in the future one night. She suddenly lost interest in being the best and was just interested in wiping all humanity. Her face had visible veins, a blatant sign of God’s influence.

Their confrontation in the Garou arc came up in the high school flashback. Fubuki enquired about her vision of the future as she took Psykos in her arms. Over them, a massive vein-like cloud suddenly appeared. Even Fubuki could now sense God’s presence. The panel then focused on the situation at headquarters. Saitama and Fubuki broke into the Tsukuyomi’s gathering. Fubuki, on the other hand, forewarned the gang that Tatsumaki would shortly break into the HQ and kill Psykos. Tatsumaki ultimately made her entrance as Tsukuyomi and Fubuki fought each other.

One Punch Man Chapter 177

Tatsumaki wasn’t really killing Psykos; he was only pretending to. She wished to deliver her from the clutches of the infamous gang. This was the same organization that kidnapped her and used her as a guinea pig in experiments. Saitama, however, fell into the lowest levels of HQ because to a break in the floor caused by all of these psychics. Saitama was now encircled by creatures of the dragon level. As a result, the chapter ended on a cliffhanger.

One Punch Man Chapter 177: Publication Date

The subsequent chapters are delightful. How Murata will tie together all the story strands he has established has fans wondering. Tatsumaki had a sincere desire to murder Pyskos at the HQ in the comics. In contrast, she is only acting to murder her in the manga. The two sisters’ relationship is also developed extensively in the manga. Tatsumaki requested Fubuki’s assistance in rescuing Psykos from the organization.

Fans of webcomics wouldn’t have anticipated this, though, given that Tatsumaki is independent and doesn’t need assistance from others. In contrast to the webcomic, the manga is making her a likeable character. Sadly, Chapter 177 of One Punch Man won’t be available again until 2023. The release date was set for December 28, 2022. Murata, however, took a hiatus. Additional modifications will only be made to this page at the same time.