Pon no Michi Anime: Wiki, Main Characters & Plot (2024)

Pon no Michi anime
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Pon no Michi is a newly released sport-comedy anime that every sports lover should watch, especially those who love card games. There are lots of special things about the Pon no Michi anime that make it worth watching, such as its beautiful female characters, hilarious moments, and strategic Mahjong gameplay.

Since its first trailer and visual, fans have been eagerly waiting to watch the series and meet its beautiful characters. Now, finally, their waiting is over, and the first episode is already out.

So it’s a great opportunity to know major things about the series before making any choices. So let’s get straight to this anime wiki and find out everything about the Pon no Michi anime. 

Pon no Michi Anime: Wiki

Pon no Michi anime wiki
Source: Pon no Michi anime

Pon no Michi is a sports anime mainly focused on Mahjong, a very popular Japanese card game. It’s an original anime series created by IISP and produced by a popular anime studio, OLM.

Before releasing the anime adaptation, the officials released two manga adaptations on two manga publishing mediums, Kodansha. The first manga adaptation comes under the Shojo manga category and was released on September 1, 2023, on Nakayoshi.

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“Pon no Michi Ryuukyoku Nishi Irihen,” the second manga adaptation, comes under the seinen category and was just released on January 5, 2023, on YanMaga Web. Now, its anime adaptation finally began airing on January 6, 2023, and released its first episode, “Nashiko’s First Pass.”. 


Source: Pon no Michi anime

Pon no Michi Anime mainly revolves around Nashiko Jippensha, an ordinary high school girl, and her group of five friends. After being kicked out of her house, Nashiko has no place to hang out with her friends.

As a result, she decides to rebuild her father’s parlor, which is currently vacant, and make it a new hangout spot. In this new gathering spot, Nashiko and her beautiful friends gather together and play Mahjong, a popular card game.

While spending most of their time together, they also bring us plenty of fanservice and hilarious scenes. While seeing them chill and hanging together, you will also feel like you are part of their team.

So, are you excited to see the gathering of the five sexiest anime girls and eager to see their hilarious activities?

Main Characters:

main characters
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1. Nashiko Jippensha

Nashiko Jippensha is the lead female character of the Pon no Michi anime. Her attractive figure and beautiful blue eyes are the most notable traits that grab everyone’s attention. She loves to spend her time hanging out with her friends, especially with her girlfriend, Izumi. Moreover, she is a totally new player in Mahjong and knows nothing about the game.

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2. Pai Kawahigashi

Pai Kawahigashi is the childhood friend of Nashiko, who often comes to play mahjong with her. She is an adorable girl who looks so attractive in her long, blue-colored frock. She can be called the main cute factor in her group because of her gentle personality and adorable face.

3. Izumi Tokutomi

Izumi Tokutomi is another beautiful character in the series and the girlfriend of Nashiko Jippensha. She is a beautiful girl with short red hair who usually wears a fashionable outfit consisting of a mini skirt and a long coat. She always calls the names of people in a different manner, such as by calling Nako instead of Nashiko. Out of everyone, she is the most experienced mahjong player who teaches its basic rules to Nashiko.

4. Riche Hayashi

Riche Hayashi is the hottest character in the Pon no Michi anime and is blessed with beautiful long silver hair. She also had a highly curvaceous figure and always looked sexy in every one of her outfits. Before Nashiko made its new hangout place, Riche often came to her father’s parlor and grew attached to it. As a result, she still visits it and spends time with Nashiko and her friends.

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5. Haneru Emi

Haneru Emi is a beautiful girl with great punk fashion, which can be easily seen in her fashionable outfits. After being lost in an online Mahjong game by Nashiko, she comes to her hangout place to challenge herself in real life. She is the most serious when it comes to playing mahjong out of everyone.

6. Chonbo

Chonbo may look like an ordinary sparrow to others, but it’s actually a mahjong spirit. Nashiko is the only one who is able to hear his voice and knows his secret.

Where Can We Watch Pon no Michi Anime?

where to watch Pon no Michi anime
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You can watch Pon no Michi Anime on several Japanese television networks, such as MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, RCC, and AT-X. However, the series is currently not airing on any animestreaming platforms, such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hidive, Hulu, or any one of them. Let’s see who the officials will choose to stream Pon no Michi Anime!

That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this anime wiki to be useful and know everything about Pon no Michi Anime. Stay tuned for more anime wiki and upcoming anime releases.