Eleceed Chapter 280 Release Date and Archives: Pluton is a Dog!

Eleceed tells the story of Jiwoo Seo, a kind-hearted young man with cat-like reflexes who secretly uses his powers to help others, and Kayden, a powerful Awakener (superhuman with special abilities) on the run, who finds himself trapped in the body of a chubby cat. Together, they fight against evil forces and uncover the secrets of the Awakener world. Continue reading for eleceed chapter 280 release date and predictions.

Eleceed Chapter 280 Release Date and Archives: Pluton is a Dog!

For more manhwa theories and predictions, read Magic Emporer chapter 493 spoilers. For now, lets head on to the release date and time for Eleceed chapter 280.

Chapter 280 Release Date and Time

Eleceed chapters follow a simultaneous global release schedule on the WEBTOON platform. Eleceed chapter 280 is set to release on 17th January 2024.

Global Release time

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST) 10:00 AM
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST) 11:00 AM
  • Central Standard Time (CST) 12:00 PM
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) 1:00 PM
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 6:00 PM
  • Central European Time (CET) 7:00 PM
  • Japan Standard Time (JST) 3:00 AM (Friday)
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) 5:00 AM (Friday)

Biggest Plot Twist: Pluton is a Dog

Pluton is not a dog, he is a human awakener who has transformed into a small puppy, due to his desire to learn how to transform as he misinterpreted Kayden and thought of it as a training program.

Pluton learns control from Kayden and sets out on his journey to find a strong cat, unfortunately, Pluton is completely unable to transform himself into a cat and starts to worry about how he would look in front of Kayden and Kartein after boasting about his ability.

After two days, Pluton returns to Jiwoo’s house as a small puppy, and he mocks Kayden and Kartein for their looks one being a fat cat and the other being a skinny & nurtured one.

When Pluton tries to climb onto the sofa where Kayden and Kartein are resting he realizes that the puppy he changed into is a small and cute-looking one.

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Kayden and Kartein: Relationship

In Eleceed, Kayden and Kartein’s relationship is a bit complex and evolves throughout the series. Here’s a breakdown:


They weren’t on good terms. Kayden, being a strong and independent Awakener, clashed with Kartein’s arrogant and self-centered personality.
However, they recognized each other’s immense power and skill, resulting in a begrudging respect (think frenemies).

Turning point:

  • When Jiwoo’s core was broken, Kayden desperately sought Kartein’s help for healing due to his unique medical abilities.
  • Kartein agreed, but with a condition: he wanted Kayden’s transformation ability (turning into a cat).
  • This deal marked a turning point, demonstrating mutual trust and reliance, despite their differing personalities.

Current relationship:

  • They became unlikely friends, often bickering and teasing each other like playful siblings.
  • They share a deep respect for each other’s power and skills, forming a strong bond as they face various challenges together.
  • They even live together with Jiwoo, creating a dynamic household filled with humor and occasional chaos.

Key points to remember:

  • Their relationship is built on mutual respect and trust, forged through overcoming challenges together
  • Their contrasting personalities often lead to comedic bickering and banter, adding a light-hearted dimension to their friendship.
  • While their relationship seems platonic in the current storyline, some fans explore alternative interpretations like romantic or familial bonds.
  • Ultimately, Kayden and Kartein’s relationship in Eleceed is a compelling one, offering a mix of respect, humor, and camaraderie that has endeared them to fans.
    Kayden’s Reason for Fighting

Kayden’s motivations for wanting to be the strongest Awakener are complex and multifaceted, with hints scattered throughout the Eleceed story. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. The thrill of battle: Kayden seems to crave the challenge of facing strong opponents and pushing himself to the limit. He enjoys the strategizing and the adrenaline rush of combat, finding purpose in proving his strength against worthy adversaries.
  2. Curiosity about his limits: We know Kayden isn’t aware of his past or why he possesses such immense power. Reaching the top rank might hold answers to his origins and the extent of his abilities.
  3. Protection and freedom: Kayden values his independence and staying unaffiliated. Being the strongest could deter anyone from trying to control him or force him into their agendas, securing his freedom.
  4. A sense of responsibility: Despite his loner tendencies, Kayden shows glimpses of a protective nature. Becoming the strongest might be a way to take on the burden of safeguarding others, especially after witnessing the dangers Awakened powers can bring.
  5. Unfinished business: We know Kayden was severely injured in the past, possibly by the top 10 Awakened. Reaching the top could be a way to settle the score and prove his worth.
  6. Beyond ranking: It’s important to note that Kayden might not be solely focused on the official ranking. He might simply strive to be the strongest overall, regardless of any assigned number, valuing true power and mastery over external recognition.
    Ultimately, Kayden’s true motivations remain a bit of a mystery, adding intrigue to his character.

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