Predictions for One Piece Chapter 1081

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One Piece Chapter 1080: Summary

One Piece Chapter 1080

At the beginning of One Piece chapter 1080, Koby is shown escaping from Hachinosu’s captivity with the help of Perona. The scene then shifts to him diverting the pirates so that other prisoners can escape. The Blackbeard Pirates were then shown to the audience, and the Avalo Pizarro, Vasco Shot, and San Juan Wolf Devil Fruits were exposed. The Rain Demon, Shiryu, was there as well.

As a result, we are taken back in time to the moment of Koby’s initial capture. Blackbeard planned to use Koby as a bargaining chip in his quest to turn Hachinosu Island into a World Government Kingdom under his rule. However, Kuzan clarified that Koby’s membership in SWORD rendered him ineffective in discussions because SWORD members are not officially part of the World Government’s Marines.

As the flashback concluded, Blackbeard stated, “I’ll try my plan anyway.” From there, we learn that Hibari, Kujaku, and SWORD’s Prince Grus are attacking the island in an effort to rescue Koby. In the last few pages, we learn that Garp, Helmeppo, and Tashigi have all come to Koby’s rescue, with Garp using his Galaxy Impact strike to wipe out the island village. It has been speculated that Garp possesses both the basic and advanced forms of the Conqueror’s Haki.

One Piece Chapter 1081: What Can We Expect?

One Piece Chapter 1081

The events of One Piece chapter 1081 are likely to go in one of two ways. The Egghead Incident will be build up further either by keeping readers on Hachinosu Island or by taking them back to Egghead Island.

If the former option is chosen, SWORD’s matchup with the Blackbeard Pirates ship captains (Vasco Shot, San Juan Wolf, Shiryu, and Pizarro) will be the main attraction. The chapter’s focus may shift to depicting the conflict at length before finishing on a suspenseful note.

The Blackbeard Pirates were seen rapidly approaching Egghead Island, so if One Piece chapter 1081 takes readers back there, they can expect to learn more about them. Given that chapter 1080 established who it isn’t, this theory makes more sense. Fans may also get information on Zoro and Kaku, as well as the rest of the Straw Hats.

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