What Caused Anime Storytelling To Stagnate & Become Boring?

Anime has captivated audiences all around the world with its unique blend of bright art style, fascinating characters, and gripping narrative.

Although I’ve been a dedicated follower for nearly a decade, I’ve recently found myself lacking in enthusiasm for the current crop of holiday specials.

Currently, many anime rehash tired tropes and clichés that audiences have seen countless times before. Studios are more likely to stick to tried-and-true formulae as a result of the increased popularity and profitability of anime.

Possibly maturation plays a role, or maybe it’s just that people’s tastes change over time. In either case, it’s disappointing.

The devastating effects of repetitive anime plots on the medium

Nowadays, it can feel like many anime are just rehashing old ideas. Every year, there are a few standouts, but otherwise, it all seems to be done on autopilot.

It appears that all protagonists in a certain genre share the same basic features. Everyone talks and acts the same!

The lack of originality and predictability in anime has become a major problem. Finding unique anime has gotten more challenging as the industry has shifted its focus to emphasize production standards and rely on formulaic storylines.

Domestic Girlfriend
Domestic Girlfriend

And why do shows always seem like we’ve seen everything before? To keep me interested, a story must have strong world and character development.

There are already too many anime on the market, and the pressure to crank out more each year isn’t helping.

It’s unfortunate, because many shows benefit from the efforts of talented people who often lack the means to give their work their full attention.

Why does garbage anime even exist, much less abound?

Although I enjoy the medium, there is a lot of bad anime out there. There are always the same formulaic shows airing each season.

More of them are being produced too. That’s why! Oh, honey, it’s just about the cash.

Studios are producing a flood of subpar anime series to cater to the genre’s massive audience. While the isekai, harem, rom-com, and incest genres may not be the most creative, they do have dedicated followers.

Pathetic Anime
Pathetic Anime

It’s difficult to keep up with the rapid rate at which new options are presented to us. It’s as though they want us to go out of business! In my opinion, this is a sneaky form of advertising.

Are production companies to blame for a dearth of high-quality anime?

The problem is that production companies care more about generating money than they do about making good entertainment.

The quality of anime has been steadily declining, and the problem isn’t only with the studios. Priority is given to stories with dedicated audiences willing to shell out lots of cash on merchandising and home video.


I can’t put all the blame on the production companies. Due to the large corporations funding the production, they do not make much money from the anime.

Sales of DVDs and other merchandize are their main cash cow. This generates a lot of revenue for them for a short time after the anime has aired, but then things dry up until the next one is released.

Are you too old for anime? How your age affects your opinion of quality?

The first step is getting a taste for anime, perhaps with a series like Pokemon or Beyblade. Then you find the show that makes you feel alive, and you devour full seasons in one sitting.

For many longtime viewers, the initial thrill of watching an anime gradually wears off. Age may play a role in this drop, but a person’s taste, their preference for a certain genre, and the general quality of the anime are also important considerations.


This is because our brains quickly adapt to new experiences, whether positive or negative.

While watching anime may have been an exciting adventure full of surprises in the past, that won’t always be the case.

How to stop being bored by anime?

Get some rest first, OK? You should change what you’re watching if it’s not entertaining you. The variety is good for your mental health.

Also, you can skip some shows without missing anything important. Don’t put too much stock in ratings and reviews on MAL; instead, go with your gut.

When you’ve had enough of anime, give yourself a breather and move on to something else. Pick and choose what you want to see so that you’re not wasting your time.


If you’re exhausted by it all, you might want to take a break from the news and maybe even go outdoors and feel the grass.

Enjoy yourself and remember that entertainment value is paramount. You shouldn’t spend all your time watching anime or anything else.