Queen Bee Chapter 309 Release Date & Uncensored Raw Scans

Queen Bee chapter 309 release date is set and will be out without any delays. For more informations on Queen Bee 309 raw scans and spoilers, read ahead.

Yu Dal-li, known as Darla, wields authority over Jun-Pyo, the tenant, and her boyfriend, who is also the leader of the school gang. Despite treating him like a subordinate in public, their dynamic shifts drastically when they’re alone at home.

Their complex relationship, rooted in childhood friendship and influenced by their challenging family and school environments, is marked by jealousy and conflicting emotions.

Queen Bee 309 Release Date, Uncensored Raw Scans and Spoilers


Junnie and Darla are childhood friends with a complex dynamic. At school, Darla holds power over Junnie as the leader of the school gang. She bullies and belittles him. When they’re alone at home (Darla’s father is rarely present), their relationship shifts.

They become intimate and have a secret, passionate connection. The story explores the emotional complexities of their relationship, navigating jealousy, power struggles, family issues, and societal pressures. Junnie receives a scholarship to attend a prestigious school in Seoul, creating distance and uncertainty.

Darla faces personal struggles with her father and the school gang dynamics. Throughout the story, their connection deepens, but challenges and obstacles threaten their bond.

The manhwa delves into mature themes like bullying, domestic abuse, and sexual relationships. It explores the dark side of human nature and the impact of power dynamics on relationships. The ending remains open to interpretation, leaving readers to ponder the future of Junnie and Darla.

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Queen Bee Chapter 309 Release Date and Raw Scans

Queen Bee 309 release date has been set for March 3, 2024. Details about upcoming chapters will be revealed in March 2024, following the weekly release schedule.

  • Pacific Standard Time: March 3, 4:00 AM
  • Central European Time: March 3, 1:00 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: March 3, 4:30 PM
  • Philippines Standard Time: March 3, 5:00 PM
  • Singapore Standard Time: March 3, 5:00 PM
  • Japanese Standard Time: March 3, 8:00 PM

Queen Bee 309 raw scans will likely be out by 1st of March, 2024. The fans can access the fan translations after hours after the release of the raw scans.

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Understanding Junnie and Darla’s Motivations in “Queen Bee”

The complex dynamic between Junnie and Darla is a core element of “Queen Bee,” and their motivations are multifaceted and layered. Here’s a deeper dive into their actions and potential driving forces:


  • Power and Control: As the school gang leader, Darla seeks power and dominance. Bullying Junnie might stem from a need to assert control and establish herself within the social hierarchy.
  • Hidden Vulnerability: Darla’s home life is marked by her abusive father’s absence. She might bully Junnie as a way to mask her vulnerabilities and insecurities.
  • Twisted Affection: Despite her harsh treatment, Darla exhibits possessiveness and jealousy towards Junnie. This suggests a twisted form of affection, fueled by a desire for connection and intimacy.


  • Submissive Behavior: Junnie’s acceptance of Darla’s bullying could stem from various reasons: fear of retaliation, ingrained power dynamics, or a desire to maintain their connection despite the pain.
  • Hidden Desire: Junnie might secretly enjoy the attention, albeit negative, that Darla gives him. This could be linked to a lack of affection in his own life or a complex understanding of intimacy.
  • Hope for Change: Despite the pain, Junnie might hope for a change in Darla’s behavior, clinging to the moments of intimacy they share at home.

Additional Factors:

  • Societal Pressures: The story explores themes of societal expectations and gender roles. Darla’s behavior might reflect societal pressures to conform to a masculine image of power, while Junnie’s submissiveness could be linked to expectations of male passiveness.
  • Past Experiences: Their childhood experiences and past interactions likely shape their present behavior. Flashbacks or internal monologues could offer clues about their motivations.


  • These are just possible interpretations, and the true motivations might be ambiguous or even contradictory.
  • The manhwa leaves space for individual readers to form their conclusions based on their understanding of the characters and the story’s themes.

Character Roles in Queen Bee

Darla’s Father:

  • Absent figure who wields power through intimidation and abuse.
  • Influences Darla’s understanding of power and relationships.
  • Creates a tense environment that fuels Darla’s need for control.

Darla’s Gang Members:

  • Represent the school hierarchy and societal pressures to conform.
  • Reinforce Darla’s image as a powerful leader.
  • Can be seen as both allies and obstacles to Darla’s personal life.

Jennie’s Family:

  • Absent or uninvolved, creating a sense of neglect and loneliness for Junnie.
  • Contributes to Junnie’s vulnerability and susceptibility to Darla’s influence.
  • Their potential intervention or lack thereof could impact Junkie’s choices.

Recap of Chapter 308

Dali, after interacting with a woman, informs her that she needs to leave. She offers words of encouragement, urging the woman to continue working with Pyo. She believes that Pyo will forget his troubles once he gets excited about the work.

Dali wonders about Pyo and leaves him alone with another woman. Dali, feeling slightly upset, leaves the room to gather her thoughts about what just happened. She expresses hope that Pyo is having a good time.

Pyo spends time with a woman who wants to be drawn. The woman and Pyo are alone in a room, enjoying a private moment. Pyo is known for his best work being created around this time. Knowing his appreciation for Dali’s art, the woman asks him to draw her.

Pyo gets suspicious of the woman’s motives. The woman wears a golden necklace, which triggers Pyo to ask her to remove it. He connects the necklace to Amy, who wants money from him. He gets angry, accusing the woman of using her family for financial gain. This leads him to question Dali’s motives and whether her feelings are genuine or just a fleeting infatuation.

Dali witnesses Pyo touching the woman and is shocked. As Dali approaches the room, she’s startled to see Pyo touching the woman. The situation escalates when Pyo invites her inside, asking her to prove her feelings are real. This leaves Dali deeply surprised and confused.

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