‘Reborn as a Vending Machine’ PV Reveals July 5 Debut & More

If you judge a book by its cover, you’ll miss out on what’s within “Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon!” The title may give the impression that everything is explained, but that’s not the case.

There was a lot of buzz about it once it came out in 2016, and Kadokawa Shoten picked it up for publishing the following year.

This manga is a must-read because of its original premise and interesting spin on the standard Isekai plot. I also have excellent news for you if you would rather watch something than read it.

The key visual and entire promotional video for the anime adaptation of Hirukuma’s Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon light novel series were posted to the show’s official Twitter account.

The video reveals more cast and staff members, as well as the launch date of the anime on July 5 and a preview of the opening theme song “Fanfare” by BRADIO.

Key Visual
Key Visual

The new primary graphic shows the Lammis transporting the resurrected protagonist Boxxo and other important characters. New promotional material has also revealed some of the supporting cast, which includes:

CharacterCastOther Works
Kuma KaichoAtsushi MiyauchiMac (MEGALOBOX
KerioilKazuya NakaiZoro (One Piece)
FilminaAi KayanoDarkness (KONOSUBA)
ShuiMiyu TomitaChuatury (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury)
AkaDaiki YamashitaDeku (My Hero Academia)
ShiroJunya EnokiItadori (JUJUTSU KAISEN)
HulemyShiki AokiHomura (EDENS ZERO)
Michelle Takuya EguchiLoid (SPY x FAMILY)

The following people will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the anime is as successful as the manga:

PositionStaffOther Works
Monster DesignRyou AkizukiKill la Kill
Assistant DirectorMasayuki TakahashiBlack Clover
Chief Animation DirectorsNaoki Yamauchi, Nanako Tatsu, Yoshiaki TsubataAstroboy, 91 Days, Date A Live
Sub Character DesignShigeyuki KoresawaAkame ga KILL!
Vending Machine DesignMichiru Odaka, Monta TokitaSteins; Gate, Plunderer
Color Key ArtistYoko SuzukiDeath Note
Art DirectorEiji IwaseNo Game, No Life
Compositing Director of PhotographyMasashi UoyamaAbsolute Duo
EditingKentarou TsuboneChaos Dragon
Sound DirectorFumiyuki GoBLUELOCK
Music:Yuta Uraki, Keita Takahashi
Animation Producer:Tetsuya TomiokaArjuna

Wow, that’s a lot of data to take in, but with a cast and crew as amazing as Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon, we don’t mind going the additional mile for our devoted fans. seems quite good, indeed.

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon

Hirukuma and Ituwa Kato have created a series of Japanese light novels titled Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon. Kadokawa Shoten picked it up in 2016 and is now publishing it.

The protagonist dies at the hands of a vending machine and is reborn as a sentient vending machine in a fantasy dungeon world.

Soon after, he makes friends with Lammis, who gives him the moniker “Boxxo” and begins toting him around the dungeon on her back.