Release Date: A New Danger For Eleceed Chapter 231 Raw Scan English?

Since being named Kayden’s pupil, Jiwoo has only been asking for fights. Therefore, he is also learning about the abrupt transition. The most recent chapter proceeded without incident, but Eleceed Chapter 231 will soon present a fresh threat.

Are you all eager for the anime to air? We anticipate the Eleceed anime to be announced soon.

Because Ian Partick is Kayden’s student, Julian Patrick has come to present him to Jiwoo. Since they belong to the same age group, they are even allowed space to speak in private.

Ian’s personality is significantly different from his appearance, despite the fact that his initial impression is that of a rude person who is constantly ready for a battle.

After an upsetting chapter regarding Subin’s grandfather, the most recent chapter was lighthearted to shift the tone. Everyone, including the readers, could breathe a sigh of relief.

But things didn’t come out well in the end. Yujeong Kang, Jiwoo’s mother, has been re-presented. She is employed as a researcher by a foreign pharmaceutical firm connected to Awakeneds.


She is approached at her place of employment by three men in suits who appear to be bodyguards and are asking her to join them. What does Eleceed Chapter 231 hold in store?

She has a history of assisting Amyeong in escaping the laboratory where she was being used for research. Her son is an Awakened being as well. What’s the point of this whole thing?

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Eleceed Chapter 231 Release Date

Jiwoo has resumed practicing force control in order to defeat opponents more quickly. In order to prevent him from overtraining, Kayden is also keeping an eye on him.

Jiwoo’s parents are only loosely described. Her mother lives far away due to professional obligations, and his father has never been seen.

Jiwoo’s mother was also looking for a treatment to lessen Jiwoo’s talents because he had to constantly move and was alone. She encouraged her son but lamented that she was unable to provide any assistance.

By Sunday, January 29, 2023, Eleceed Chapter 231 raw scans should be available on Naver, the company’s official portal.

Weekly releases of translated chapters of Eleceed occur on Tuesdays, and Chapter 231 should follow suit. So, by Tuesday, January 31, 2023, Eleceed Chapter 231 English scans will be available for reading.

Jiwoo And Lan Patrick

Once they were left alone, Ian was afraid to engage Jiwoo in conversation, but Jiwoo finds silence to be quite deafening because he gets along well with others.

Jiwoo makes an effort to be direct when asking Ian why he wanted to meet him or if he was hoping for a fight. Ian responded in a casual manner, completely shrugging off his poise.

Ian responds that he was a little interested but had never wanted to meet him this much. His grandfather had lectured him on how great of an opportunity it was, and Julian had forced him to meet Jiwoo.

Jiyoung was attractive, so Ian had no trouble making the connection that Julian had likely sent him here so he might get a chance to meet her.

Ian wasn’t very interested in anything else but made a suggestion that they meet again later. Is this encounter the start of a new friendship?

Jiwoo’s parting comments from Ian, in which he warned her to be cautious around Julian, were also quite alarming. Is there a threat to Eleceed Chapter 231 that this obscures?

Jiwoo And Jiyoung

Jiyoung has always protected Jiwoo since the moment he entered the Awakened universe. He largely surprised her with his attitude and way of viewing the world.

Ian’s remark that Julian had come to meet Jiyoung sidetracked Jiwoo while they were conversing. He even had a creative version of them because he was at a loss for ideas.

Jiwoo also considered whether Julian and Jiyoung would make a good pair because they both deserve each other while he still relies on Kayden. Jiyoung had come to see him since Jiwoo had not left earlier on a good note and she wanted to find out the truth.

Jiwoo revealed to Jiyoung that Julian came to meet her, not Ian, who didn’t want to meet her. For some reason he felt complicated by this concept.

Jiyoung stated she understands it because she also felt better after meeting Jiwoo and didn’t dispute any of it. This alone was enough to agitate Jiwoo.

Jiwoo and Jiyoung’s potential future romance has been hinted at quietly on a number of occasions, and the fanbase has even shipped them.

Even while this might not work as one of the main plots, a little advancement has been made with each new arc. What will Jiwoo and Jiyoung experience in Eleceed 231?

Jiwoo’s mother is the subject of attention this time due to a new turning point in the series of events. Are there any mysteries about her or her work that need to be revealed?

Everyone has undoubtedly been really excited since despite having so many chapters, there is essentially no information about her. The next release of Eleceed Chapter 231 will provide more information on this case.