Release Date And Spoilers For Chapter 84 Of Solo Max-Level Newbie

Since Solo Max-Level Newbie started to publish more than a year ago, its popularity has continued to soar, surpassing that of all other manhwas. Everyone can read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 84 this week.

The main character is the only one who knows how to clear upper floors, and he has a unique, fascinating method for doing it.

The addition of fresh chapters to this manga is eagerly anticipated by readers. As a result, reading this article will help you understand when and where to read this manhwa as well as what chapter 84 might include.

Spoilers For Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 84

The Dangun Guild is attempting to traverse the seventh floor, but a vast, frozen water stands in their way. Despite having little food and supplies, they still want to try the raid.

A few guild members and their leader surround player Kang as he comes and inquire as to his purpose. Kang responded that he only wanted to sweep the floor, but the leader refused to accept his assistance—which Kang hadn’t even requested.

Solo Max-Level Newbie

When Kang revealed that he was also seeking for a Phoenix feather, the leader became a little irate. After a few verbal scuffles, they agree to refrain from interfering with one another’s work.

Everyone was walking toward the sea, but Kang turned around and headed in the opposite direction, toward the forest. And this is how our primary character behaves, which is a little unusual for other people. Kang was halted by the guards at the forest’s entrance, who advised him to catch fish from the sea if he was looking for food. He is not here for the meal, as we all know.

He was accompanied into the woodland by the watchman. Despite the fact that the snowfall had reached the thigh, Kang was still able to walk on it like he weighed nothing because to his skills. They decided to report this first because the watchkeeper was unable to keep up with Kang.

They were all terrified because no one ever emerged alive from the jungle, whether they were there in search of food or woo.

The commander of the second unit of the Dangun Guild made the decision to enter the forest after preparing the report for the watchkeeper since he now knew that Kang Jinhyuk would return with the Phoenix feather. To enter the wilderness, they organized a team.

Kang arrived at a location inside the forest where a huge rock was there and someone was standing atop it. The chapter comes to a close with this.

When Will The Solo Max-level Newbie Chapter 84 Be Available?

This Manhwa is well-liked and has a sizable following. People start reading this manhwa again when they have free time or are bored.

The manhwa is committed and has been consistent with the publication of a new chapter due to its popularity and the amazing stories the artist is constantly coming up with. Every Friday, a new chapter is released, so the 27th of January 2023 will see the release of Chapter 84.

Where Can I Read Chapter 84 Of Solo Max-Level Newbie?

On Naver in Korean, you may read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 84. Visit TappyToons or Webtoon if you want to read it in English.

Recap Of Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 83

The chapter opens with the guards of the Temple of Hatred being killed by vampires from the upper floor. Lancelot intervened and stopped the vampires from killing Melina as well.

Elf’s Forest was finished after 90 days, and Floors 6 and 7 were both accessible. Everyone was busy getting ready for it, including Kang Jin-hyuk, our main character.

When there is a meeting on the first level near Moon Lake, he addresses everyone as “His Employees,” i.e., his slaves.

All of them were glad to be with Kang since they wanted to leave Jinhyuk but he threatened them with death if they didn’t. Kang requested them to introduce themselves and give an update on any recent developments.

According to one of the stories, those who are climbing to the seventh level are looking for a phoenix feather to help them navigate the icy tundra of the floor more quickly.

The “Heaven’s Fountain Sword,” which Kang obtained from one of his slaves, is useless because he already possesses superior weapons. According to Melina’s report, the vampires and the Demonic Association struck a bargain for Alice in exchange for the Apostate’s Bracelet, which was located on the 11th floor.

When Alice learned this, she was indignant and begged Kang for assistance, but he declined and advised her to wait until he got stronger. To assist individuals who were stranded there because of the severe tundra, Kang Jinhyuk made it to the seventh story.