Rumours of Shimesaba’s New Light Novel ‘Kimi wa Boku no Koukai’ Confirmed

The author of the fan-favorite rom-com Higehiro is releasing yet another light novel. Shimesaba is known for creating brilliant romantic comedies, and we can expect the same from the upcoming Kimi wa Boku no Koukai.

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Shimesaba’s writing style pleases those who enjoy unusual twists in a love story. The plot for the upcoming light novel isn’t decided yet, but we are hoping for another masterpiece like Higehiro.

Higehiro’s author, Shimesaba, confirms the news about the upcoming light novel called ‘Kimi wa Boku no Koukai’ (You Are My Regret). The novel will debut on July 21, 2021.

There is no plot or visual released, but it is most likely a romance novel. The title suggests that it might be a slice of life or a tragedy. The Dash x Bunko label will publish the upcoming light novel.

The artwork and illustrations for the novel will be done by Ui Shigure, a well-known artist and virtual YouTuber. Shigure has worked on some great titles, such as Osamake, which is her most notable work to date.

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Shigure and Shimesaba both have worked on some epic romances and comedies. It is safe to assume that their upcoming collaboration light novel is a rom-com as well.

Speaking of rom-coms, Higehiro is an eccentric one in the genre. It is a story about a hustler high-school girl, Sayu Ogiwara, who survives by unconventional methods. 

Rumours of Shimesaba’s New Light Novel ‘Kimi wa Boku no Koukai’ Confirmed
Higegiro | Source: Youtube

It explores the unusual and rather questioning friendship between a runaway high-school girl and a single working adult man. 

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Higehiro has been adapted into an anime TV show as well. The show premiered in April 2021 and has released ten episodes till now.

Coming back to the upcoming light novel, the story and other details have not been made public yet. This means that we have a lot of room for speculation.

Do tell us what you think it is going to be about in the comments below!

About Higehiro

Higehiro or I Shave My Beard. Then I Pick Up a High School Girl is a novel series by Shimesaba. It was later adapted into a light novel series and manga. Its anime adaptation will air in April 2021.

Yoshida, an employee at an IT company, gets rejected by the girl he has liked for 5 years. Drunk and sorry, he heads back home but meets a highschool girl who strikes a deal with him.

They could sleep together if he lets her stay in his place. Even though Yoshida is against the decision at first, he slowly relents.

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