Seirei Gensouki Season 2: Publication Date, Expected Plot & Where to Watch

The TV anime series Riv’s Spirit Chronicles is based on a series of Japanese light novels written and published by Yuri Kitayama. The plot revolves around the tragic vehicle crash that killed Haruto Amakawa, a 20-year-old college student.


And then one day he meets a slum kid named Rio, and it’s as though their minds have merged. When Rio’s memories finally click into place, he discovers his talents are amazing. Since his need for vengeance over his mother’s death still drives him, he seizes this opportunity to advance socially.

On its initial release date of July 6, 2021, the anime received criticism for adhering too closely to the tropes of traditional isekai stories and having a stereotypically dominant main character. However, towards the end of the season finale, there was reason to believe that the program would be renewed for a second season due to its strong ratings and viewership.

Publication Date for Seirei Gensouki Season 2

There were 12 episodes in the first season, which premiered in the summer of 2021. Seirei Gensouki Spirit Chronicles Season 2 has not yet been released as of this writing. The second season, according to director Osamu Yamasaki, would take “a little longer” to air. In the middle of the year 2023, we should hear that season 2 will be greenlit.

Storyline of Seirei Gensouki Season 2

Rio utilizes telepathy and spirit skills to ask Celia to postpone her wedding in the first season’s conclusion. Now that he knows Aishia wants to run away just like him, he may enlist her help in breaking free.

Transport to Rio de Janeiro is arranged for three Japanese citizens, and they will be picked up there once they are secure. The protagonist’s childhood buddy Miharu is among those the hero helps.

Season 2 will focus on both Haruto and Rio’s lives, while season 1 mostly focused on Rio’s.

It’s possible that one day we’ll figure out why certain people are chosen to travel to the alternate dimension and others aren’t. The secret behind our hero’s incredible strength will likely be revealed in season two.

However, becoming self-aware isn’t free, and Rio will likely alienate some people as a result.

Cast of Seirei Gensouki Season 2

Seirei Gensouki 2 centers on Rio and Haruto Amakawa while they watch Spirit Chronicles 1. The young Japanese man Haruto perished in a terrible vehicle crash. A horrible accident took the life of Rio’s mother, thereby making him an orphan in his make-believe world.

This pair is connected because they have similar traits or mental processes, suggesting that they must be related. As soon as Rio finds out about Haruto’s character and history, he is automatically seen as Haruto’s successor.

Season 2 may provide more opportunities to watch these two protagonists interact as they continue their quest for knowledge. Celia Claire, Rio’s old instructor, and Aishia, his contracted spirit, may return in the second season.

Miharu Ayase
Miharu Ayase

However, many viewers have their sights set on one certain character. Towards the end of Season 1, Rio meets Miharu Ayase, a childhood friend of Haruto’s who has also been summoned to the present. Given Miharu’s importance to Haruto, she ought to feature prominently in upcoming episodes.

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Yuri Kitayama and Riv wrote the light novel series Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles. Approximately in 2017, a manga version of the book was released. The idea of reincarnation is introduced in the literature.

A little orphan called Rio is revealed to be the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese college student. His slow unraveling of the prior life’s awful demise is revealed.