Weak Hero Chapter 229 Publication Date: Where to Read?

Friday night at nine o’clock, on the southern end of the Mapo bridge: these are the time and place of the moment readers of the first season have been waiting for, and they will appear in the upcoming Weak Hero Chapter 229.

Ben Park and Donald Na, both from The Union, take on Eunjang. Is Ben going to be able to stay up with Donald’s skill level?

When Forrest breaks the news to Donald Na, the businessman is understandably upset. Don shares his thoughts on second chances.

In a universe where every moment counts, nobody deserves a do-over. It’s a nice gesture on the part of the victorious to give the defeated a second opportunity. By hearing Donald mention this, we are given a look into his past once again, this time into his time at school. He is caught cheating and the whole class is made to retake the exam, but Donald ends up failing both times and suffering the shame of coming in last.

Weak Hero Chapter 229
Weak Hero Chapter 229

Next to Gray’s hospital bed is Eugene, who, like Stephen, is in a coma. Gray is heartbroken since he can’t save his pal this time.

Our hero is overwhelmed with despair at learning about Eugene’s illness. As they were discussing Ben’s declaration of war, the phone rang, and it was Donald Na accepting.

Many questions and hypotheses are raised at the conclusion of this riveting chapter. Let’s check out when Chapter 229 will be out first, though.

Weak Hero Chapter 229 Publication Date

Fans are eager for Ben and Donald to finally face off after the shocking events of the most recent chapter.

On the 21st of January, 2023, at 11:00 PM KST (GMT +9), Weak Hero 229 will be released, with the English translation following shortly thereafter.

Weak Hero is serialized on the WEBTOON app and may be read there or on the official website. Naver’s Webtoon app and website both provide the Korean translation.

Please only read them on their official sites to show your appreciation for the authors’ efforts.

Since Kingdom Chapter 745 and Spy X Family Chapter 74 will also soon be published on our site, we highly suggest reading both of these chapters.

Weak Hero Chapter 229 Raw Scans

Weak Hero Korean chapters are released a few hours before the official English translations. So the Korean Raws will be available on the official Naver Webtoon website.

Weak Hero chapter 229 Theories & Speculations:

What Can We Expect?

There is just a few hours between the publication of the Korean and English versions. Spoilers are released to the public at this time.

The altercation took place on Mapo Bridge, which is well-known in South Korea as a suicide hotspot, earning it the moniker “Bridge of Death.” This ominous moniker may have been foreshadowing Donald Na’s own suicide.

Naksung Fam may be recognized with Jack and Jimmy without a doubt.

Wolf might join the fight to get even with Donald, and Eunjang is already outnumbered. The internet is full with rumors about who else may step in, and it turns out that Myles and Manwol have a mutual hatred of the Union and could be motivated to act.

The following lineups are most likely to appear in Weak Hero Chapter 229:

  • Ben vs Donald
  • Gray vs Jack
  • Teddy vs Grape
  • Gerard vs Forrest
  • Alex vs Jimmy
  • Rowan vs Dean
  • Naksung Fam vs Wolf and Manwol (if Wolf and Manwol decide to take part in the battle)

The Jack Theory:

The connection between Jack Ji and the disappearance of Changyeon Lee is the subject of a widely held belief that originated on the weak hero subreddit.

Jake Ji avenged his brother by murdering or critically injuring Changyeon Lee. And Donald was involved in the cover-up.

Donald is using Jake Ji’s continued presence on the lease as a form of blackmail to force him to carry out these kinds of shady tasks.

But they also have the common objective of eliminating Manwol.

We may see something in the future that is theoretically similar to this, but it is still pretty convincing.