‘Spy x Family Code: White’ Promo with an Action Focus Confirms Film

The clan with the dark past is gearing up for another round of action. After Donovan Desmond was first met on “Spy x Family”, the series concluded. Even though Anya’s efforts seem to be going nowhere, it’s encouraging to know that Operation Strix has moved on.

Fans are eager to see what happens next, but it’s probable that Operation Strix will continue in the background as it has in the past, with unforeseen events cropping up anywhere.

‘Spy x Family Code: White’ debuted a teaser trailer on Sunday, which you can see in full at the film’s official website. The premiere of the film, which will feature an original tale, is set for December 22. A second season has been confirmed, and it will premiere in October.

Brief appearances by Loid Forger, Yor, Anya, and Bond are shown in the video. A series of events, including Anya’s discovery of a key and a mysterious box, are then portrayed in rapid succession. In separate moments, Loid and Yor both get themselves ready to face danger. Something that looks like a chocolate bonbon can be found within the box.

The Forgers travel to the Frigis Region to learn more about the history of the baked confection called “Melemele” in this clip. For the headmaster’s cooking competition, Loid has asked Anya to make it.

Kyoji Asano, the head of animation, also unveiled a teaser image the week before last.

Teaser Visual for ‘Spy x Family Code: White’
Teaser Visual for ‘Spy x Family Code: White’

Both the film and the second season will feature returns from the original cast. The core team members responsible for both are as follows:

PositionStaffOther Works
Director (Film)Takashi KatagiriVivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- (Episode Director)
Director (Season 2)Kazuhiro Furuhashi (also the animation supervisor for the film)Getbackers, Neo Yokio
ScriptwriterIchiro OkouchiBerserk: The Golden Age Arc, Code Geass
Character DesignKazuaki ShimadaThe Promised Neverland
Animation ProductionWIT STUDIOAttack on Titan, Vinland Saga
Animation ProductionCloverWorksHorimiya, My Dress-Up Darling

The first season did a fantastic job of establishing the characters and establishing a tone that included action, mystery, and comedy. Since the second season might continue in the same vein in terms of plot and tempo, I am hoping for some variety in the film.

SPY × FAMILY Code: White

The manga series SPY FAMILY by Tatsuya Endo inspired the anime film SPY FAMILY Code: White. Endo has developed the script for the movie from scratch.

Loid, Yor, and Anya head to the Frigis Region to learn more about the local sweets so they can move forward with Operation Strix. Loid has requested that Anya make it for the headmaster as part of a cooking competition.

Anya discovers a box while riding the train. When she cracks it open, a chocolate cupcake falls out. The owner of the box returns and, unaware that the chocolate contains a potentially lethal secret, unintentionally eats the entire thing.