Television Anime Centering on Ninjas to Premiere in October 2023: Artwork, Cast

Under Ninja

Weekly Young Magazine has been publishing Kengo Hanazawa’s seinen manga Under Ninja since 2018. Now that an anime series has been announced for television, fans may get their first look at what they can expect.

The official Under Ninja anime Twitter has revealed the cast and provided a teaser image for the October premiere of the television anime adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa’s Under Ninja manga. The image serves as a preview for the universe of Under Ninja, which centers on Kirigakure Shinko, who embarks on a quest to become a master ninja.

TV animation #Underninja

From October 2022, it will air on TBS and other networks

In Japan, ninjas are not extinct

The preview image has been released at 2.22!

Crew members that will be contributing to the series are:

Tezuka Productions’ animation director is Satoshi Kuwabara.

Keiichiro Ochi is not only composing the series’ music, but also writing the story. Nobuteru Yuki will be responsible for the character designs. The music for the film will be produced by Pony Canyon and composed by Shota Kowashi.

Chihiro Ueno is responsible for designing the auxiliary characters. Seiji Handa will be in charge of the prop’s overall design, while Natsumi Yamada will be in charge of its planning. Reina Iwasaki and Akio Ujiie serve as the show’s executive directors of animation. Creative directing duties have been assigned to Masami Saito.

Hideyuki Sakai is responsible for developing the 3DCG. Tsuyoshi Shimura is the photographer responsible for the image. Wataru Uchida will edit the episodes for the series. Dax Production will be in charge of the audio post-production, with Masafumi Mima serving as the sound director.

The long-awaited anime adaptation of the Under Ninja manga has arrived, much to the delight of readers. Underground Ninja fans have waited patiently for this day, and the long-awaited anime adaption is now here.

Under Ninja

The manga Under Ninja was created by Kengo Hanazawa. In July of 2018, it was introduced in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine.

The ninjas in this manga are set in a contemporary Japan where many of them are unemployed. They blend in with the crowd, waiting for orders to act. Kurou Kumogakure is a ninja and a dropout adolescent, yet he is both unskilled and unemployed.

Now he must enroll in a high school because that’s part of his new goal.