The Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime Reveals The Cast And More Information!

This year, the popular Alice Gear Aegis mobile game will be back on screens! But this time, it won’t be coming back as a game. This year sees the television adaption of Alice Gear Aegis Expansion anime. Fan excitement is hard to restrain. A number of other information, including the cast and theme songs, have also been announced. A trailer for the anime may be found on its official website. The trailer is available for viewers to view. Are you anticipating this new anime? So, this is all the information you need to know.

In January 2018, Alice Gear Aegis made its debut as a smartphone game. Pyramid produced it, and COLOPL released it. Nomad created an original video anime for the game. The OVA in September 2021 was likewise directed by Hirokazu Hana. In January 2022, Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime received a formal renewal. Continue reading to learn more.

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime: Official Announcement

Expansion for Alice Gear Aegis The official anime website released a trailer on Saturday. The trailer featured the opening five minutes of the program. The video did note that further material was being shot, though. The final edition would probably differ from the manufacturing, it was stated. Aina Suzuki will perform the opening theme song, according to the website. The closing theme song will be sung by Marina Horiuchi.

The protagonist of the anime, Nodoka Takahata, is played by Miyari Nemoto. Manami Numakura, who plays Yotsuyu Hirasaka, and Maaya Uchida, who plays Sitara Kaneshiya, are also included in the cast. Yui Ishikawa, who will take on the role of Fumika Momoshina, also joins the cast. The animation at Nomad will be directed by Hirokazu Hanai. In her role as the anime’s character designer, Rikiya Okano will return. The scripts will be handled by Kenji Sugihara.

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion AnimeWhat’s The Story Of The Anime?

The anime is set in the far future. The forced emigration of humanity from Earth. Humans are being attacked by Weiss, mechanical life forms. Weiss can be defeated, but only by a select few. Actresses are a group of young women who are accustomed to using high-dimensional weapons. The arms are referred to as Alice Gear. The private businesses that work with the actresses are under the control of AEGiS. To remove Weiss from Earth, the Actresses venture into space. They want to prevent humanity from spending all of time wandering the universe.

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion AnimeRelease Date For The Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime

The new picture for the anime indicates that it will debut in April 2023. The official Twitter page makes a similar suggestion. On the precise airing date, more information is not yet available. So make sure to see this exciting new episode.