The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214: Leaving For Home! Publication Date & Plot

Xiaowan’s powers are at a crossroads. To put it bluntly, she does not even come close to matching her master. Currently, Sir Maoyun is an eighth-level Talisman master. As for the seventh-level Talisma, she’ll need her paintbrush to get there. Nonetheless, she needs to get to the Golden Core level before she may join such levels. Given that Xiaowan is in the midst of the middle stage of her foundation realm, this sounds like a challenging endeavor. Can she get a better version? The publication date and summary of The Emperor Is a Woman Chapter 214 are provided below.

The Emperor Is A Woman will return with Xiaowan making a significant choice. More obstacles await her as she continues to make progress. However, she has decided to work hard to change that. So, read on to learn more.

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214: What Happens Next?

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214 will become available in Xiaowan and her sister’s native China. To spend the summer with them, their parents have called them home. Simultaneously, they have something waiting for them. Something is being kept from Xiaowan by her parents. It will be revealed, though, very soon. There will soon be another sibling in the family. And Xiaoying will be thrilled to finally meet her new cousin! But first, the sisters must return home to get everything ready. Their parents are eager to see what they have taught Xiowan and Xiaoying over the last two years.

Meanwhile, Xiaowan will have an internal battle to fight. Her Cultivation has apparently plateaued at this point. Can you progress through levels? In the following chapter, XIaowan will use a variety of strategies to overcome the Talisman of the eighth order. At the same time, before the low-level demons leave, her master will train her in new strategies to fight back. Chapter 214 is the only place to find out what kind of new skill she picks up.

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

A Quick Summary!

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 213 uncovered in the mountains. After Xiaowan and her sister blew the home up, their lord took vengeance on them. With nowhere else to go, she went to the mountains to contemplate. On the other hand, she was attempting to find a method to use Talisman of a higher order. She reflected about her Master’s path to this point. Xiaowan, however, believed that her meager resources prevented her from ever reaching such a position of authority. She was limited to 4th-level Talismanic abilities because of the brush. In the meantime, a letter from her mom and dad arrived.

They hoped that Xiaoying and Xiaowan would return home quickly. However, Xiaowan had to get permission from their boss first. Simultaneously, the envoy informed them that demons had attacked the shoreline. The sisters were obviously terrified. The instructor told them that these demons are not particularly powerful. They were easy fodder for anyone. They were getting ready to return to their hometown, therefore this story ends there.

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214: Publication Date

The Emperor Is A Woman Chapter 214 release during the following week. Bilibili updates weekly with brand new chapters. On or around January 17, 2023, we will release Chapter 214. The English scanlations, however, might be a while in coming. Therefore, revisit this page periodically for further changes.