Revenger Episode 2: With All Lost! Publication Date & Plot

Revenger Anime is next up for us to watch. Action-packed historical drama about a warrior who makes some terrible decisions. Indeed, this was the primary focus of the pilot. From the get-go, it was clear that Kurima was being pressured to murder his future father-in-law. The fact that he consented to it, though, was even more intriguing. Years later, he learns that someone else was responsible for orchestrating this scheme. In that case, without further ado, here is all you need to know about the second episode of Revenger.

The protagonist will be starting fresh in the next episode. It’s possible that he’ll need to consult a wide range of individuals before he can make sense of the events unfolding around him. However, there may come a point when he can no longer trust anyone.

Revenger Episode 2

Revenger Episode 2: What Happens Next?

A sneak peek at the next episode is now available. The next one will be called “Gold Opens Any Door” after that. Some intriguing information will be presented right at the beginning of the episode. The previous time we saw this, Kurima’s wife had committed herself after the death of her father. Kurima, however, intended to commit suicide in front of his family. After losing his wife and his father-in-law, he is completely destitute.

This blank page serves as the story’s prologue. People everywhere have the potential to have inside information on Hirata. Yui, too, would have left her spouse with some surprises. Episode 2 of Revenger promises to have a compelling plot. The protagonist will also be embarking on a mission of discovery.

Revenger Episode 2

Previous Episode Summary!

‘Once Upon A Time In Nagasaki’ was the title of the premiere episode of Revenger. At the outset of the episode, we were given an overview of the background information on the setting. Hirata, a samurai, is murdered by Kurima, a contemporary of his own. Years later, someone discovers the golden chain that Hirata secreted in his mouth. However, we now see that Kurima is in jeopardy as a result of this mess. Eventually, it becomes clear that Kurima has staged his own suicide.

Matsumine’s cornering him is what ultimately leads to his realizing he was duped into killing Hirata. In the episode’s second half, we learn that Kurima and Usui only worked together to revenge his father-in-death. law’s The episode concluded with the realization that they had lost some folks along the way. Moreover, this occurred before Kurima arrived.

Revenger Episode 2

Revenger Episode 2: Publication Date

Those anticipating the next installment will be pleased to learn that the schedule hasn’t changed. As a result, it might take a while until the preview is made available. But in only two days, the next one will be here. There will be no further delays in the release of Revenger Episode 2; its official premiere date is set for January 12, 2023. The only places for fans to see the whole anime are on Crunchyroll’s official sites.