The Iceblade Sorcerer Anime Shows Three Character PVs And The Trailer For The First Episode.

The television anime adaptation of Nana Mikoshiba’s The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World light novel premiered on TBS on January 1, with the network debuting three character promotional videos in a row, followed by a trailer video for the premiere episode.

Videos featuring the characters focus on Rebecca Bradley, Elisa Griffith, and Amelia Rose.

The Iceblade Sorcerer
The Iceblade Sorcerer

On January 5, not only will the series debut on TBS and BS11, but also on a number of Japanese streaming services. In Japan, the show will air on Fuji TV, and Crunchyroll will be streaming it.

According to the summary on Crunchyroll, the anime follows the following plot:

They say the Iceblade Sorcerer is the greatest sorcerer in history. Ray White, the heir to the throne, has a hard time coming to terms with his newfound authority.

His service in the Far East War was his final feat before he disappeared from the battlefield, taking his deeply damaged psyche with him.

After waiting three years, Ray is now a student at the prestigious Arnold Academy of Magic, where only the world’s most powerful magicians study.

All of the students at the academy look down their noses at Ray because he is the first “Ordinary” to attend the school since it opened.

All of a sudden, he and the invaluable companions he’s made there are in danger of becoming mixed up in a web of deceit. This is the first chapter of an epic tale about the friendships and trials of the most powerful sorcerer’s time spent in high school.

Iori Saeki plays Amelia Rose, NanaHarumura plays Elisa Griffith, Azumi Waki plays Rebecca Bradley, Kaede Hondo plays Clarisse Cleveland, Akira Sekine plays Ariane Olgren, Atsumi Tanezaki plays Lydia Ainsworth, NanakoMori plays Abby Garnet, Maaya Uchida plays Carol Caroline, and Yuichiro Umehara plays Evi Armstrong in the anime.

The Iceblade Sorcerer
The Iceblade Sorcerer

The anime is being directed by Masahiro Takata and supervised by Yokohama Animation Laboratory at Cloud Hearts. He is not only composing the series but also directing the sound design. Light novel character designs by Riko Korie are being animated by Makoto Shimojima, with music composed by Tatsuhiko Saiki and Natsumi Tabuchi.

Sizuk performs the opening theme song, “Dystopia,” and Maaya Uchida performs the closing theme song, “Loudhaler,” for the series.

The web novel was first released in October2019 on the Shsetsuka ni Naru website. In June of 2020, Riko Korie’s illustrations appeared in print versions of the novel.

Adapted by Norihito Sasaki, the manga has been available on Kodansha’s manga app Magazine Pocket since June 2020.

The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule The World

Nana Mikoshiba has written a series of novels titled The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World. Illustrations for the light novel series are done by Riko Korie, while Norihito Sasaki is responsible for the manga. Kodansha is the publisher for both the light novel and the manga.

This story centers on the most potent soldier, Ray White, aka the Iceblade Sorcerer. After leading the country to victory and taking a break for three years, Ray decides to live a normal life by attending the elite Arnold Academy. Although he appears to be living a quiet, routine life at the moment, exciting times lie ahead for him.