The Morning Show S3 Premiere Ending Explained: The Ultimatum!

In the aftermath of the explosive rocket launch, UBA is plunged into a new calamity. A malicious cyber-attack threatens to expose the network’s deepest secrets and cripple its operations.

The hackers demand a colossal ransom while the team is battling a meltdown. “Ghost in the Machine” is a gripping episode that explores the vulnerability and resilience of UBA in the face of a digital disaster.

Without further ado, let’s explore how the show’s premiere panned out. Before that, let’s give you a quick recap of what happened in the pilot.

1. The Morning Show Season 3, Episode 1 Recap

The pilot’s conclusion left us on the edge of our seats as the hacking attempt disrupted the live feed of Bradley’s historic speech from orbit. The team feared that they had lost him forever, but miraculously, the feed resumed, and millions of viewers witnessed Bradley’s triumphant return to Earth.

However, Paul was furious as the glitch and Alex’s mysterious disappearance had cost him a fortune in money and fame. Meanwhile, Cory confronted Alex on the plane, expressing his displeasure with her actions. She rejoined the team, who were privately discussing Luna’s arrest with Bradley.

Alex wasted no time in seeking out Cybil at UBA headquarters. She revealed Cory’s shady scheme of selling the network to Paul Marks and jeopardizing the company.

Alex was concerned that this would tarnish the company’s reputation, but Cybil assured her that the deal would never go through. This was how the pilot ended.

Now let’s start with the next episode.

2. Alex’s Punishment

The Morning Show S3 Premiere Ending Explained: The Ultimatum!
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At the start of episode 2, Cybil feigns loyalty to Alex, but that pretence doesn’t last long. It doesn’t take her long to turn around and demand that Alex be suspended for her audacious act. Meanwhile, Stella suggests a different plan: to assign her to the Morning Show every weekday, increasing the viewership while tormenting their star host.

This is followed by a barrage of technical glitches that bring the Morning Show to a standstill. The prompter malfunctions, and then the power goes out completely. When the power finally returns, they discover that they have been hacked.

Finally, Stella assumes immediate command, eager to put a stop to this insanity.

3. What information do the hackers release?

The cyber-attackers unleash a devastating blow to the employees’ privacy by exposing their performance reviews through malicious emails. Cory receives a lewd video of Bradley and Laura’s intimate encounter sent from Bradley’s personal phone. Bradley is mortified by this breach of privacy, which could instantly tarnish her reputation and career.

Stella realizes the gravity of the situation: the hackers have infiltrated every device connected to the network servers, leaving no data safe or secure.

Cory finally receives the ultimatum: the cyber-terrorists demand $50 million within 48 hours, or they will release everything to the public!

The hackers escalate the pressure by revealing that they have been eavesdropping on everything going on thus far. They have access to every sound and word uttered in the office. Stella commands all the employees to surrender their phones and electronic devices. Cory contacts Paul, suspecting that the billionaire might be orchestrating the attack.

Stella convenes a meeting with the staff members and announces that Alex will host the Morning Show five days a week as punishment for her actions. Alex rejects the offer, but Stella tells her that she has violated her contract and will have to face the consequences.

4. Does UBA finally pay the ransom?

The Morning Show S3 Premiere Ending Explained: The Ultimatum!
Laura and Bradley | Source: IMDb
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The tension is peaking as the employees’ worst fears become a part of reality. Bradley implores Cory to give them the money and forth this desperate proposal at an urgent board meeting.

Cybil, however, manipulates the other board members to reject the proposal and not listen to Bradley. They will not succumb to the blackmailers or fork over the ransom.

Later, Alex and Bradley clash over the cyber-attacks. Bradley fears that if her secrets are spilled out, they will tarnish her reputation.

However, Alex is still resentful about her own past with the company; she contends that her privacy was never safeguarded. The scene concludes when Alex accidentally discovers the secret affair between Chip and Isabella.

5. The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 2 Ending Explained

The Morning Show episode 2 ends with a moving speech from Bradley despite her reputation being on the line.

Stella cautions Bradley that her future might be compromised if the hackers leak the video. Bradley, undaunted by the threat, proceeds to anchor the evening news. She delivers a stirring speech about UBA’s cyber-attack and our rights to privacy. Bradley declares that the company will not succumb to the extortion of the hackers.

The episode concludes with Cory’s cunning move to leak the news story about the merger with Paul Marks as a business strategy. In the final moments, Stella recovers her confiscated phone and contemplates the memories of herself with Paul.

6. About The Morning Show

The Morning Show is a drama series on AppleTV that revolves around the competitive world of morning television. The show follows Alex Levy, who struggles to keep her job after her on-air partner is fired amidst allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Morning Show stars Jennifer Aniston. Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell and others.

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