The Mystery of Snipe’s Odd Behavior in My Hero Academia

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Snipe Quirk

My Hero Academia features Snipe, a skilled Pro Hero and fellow student at U.A. High, created by Kohei Horikoshi. His cowboy aesthetic sets him apart from the other Pro Heroes. Being a professional coach at the world’s premier hero academy, Snipe has a solid grasp on his own strengths and weaknesses.

He is characterized as level-headed and logical, qualities that let him control the intensity of his Quirk under pressure.

Sniper’s One-of-a-Kind Talent

My Hero Academia

Snipe is a professional Hero in My Hero Academia, known for his pinpoint accuracy with a gun. Known as Homing, this Quirk enables him to direct any missile he launches in a direction toward any target he can see within 600 meters.

Snipe’s Quirk is useful for identifying criminals and following them to ambush them in stealth, but it is not particularly potent on its own. Yet the Pro Hero has put it to good use and made important contributions to society throughout time. Snipe armed himself with what appears to be a customized rifle set from the world of ballers.

The smoke grenades he carries enable him navigate through dangerous situations undetected, allowing him to save more lives. This is also the reason for the gas mask that is part of his ensemble. In My Hero Academia, Snipe frequently makes use of his Quirk.

He shot Tomura Shigaraki, a League of Villains member, saving Izuku, Denki, Kyoka, and Momo from harm during the conflict between the U.A. instructors and the League of Villains. Snipe had to fire twice to liberate the captive Denki. Snipe faced out against Mezo and Toru in the hallway by alone during the first semester’s final test.

Professional Hero saw them crouching behind a pillar of stone. After blinding them with a smoke bomb, he used his Quirk and firearms to destroy the pillar. Snipe also did all in his power to ensure the greatest possible outcome of the battle.

Final thoughts

My Hero Academia

Snipe’s ability to home in on his targets improves his effectiveness in long-range combat. Advantages arose from his enhanced ability to lock onto a target from great distance, and the enhancements harmonized nicely with his innate talent.

Using his mind, Snipe is able to control his Quirk and make the most of it. His cool demeanor also allows him to anticipate his opponent’s next move and lock in on his target from a greater distance. All the stealth and concentration he needs to triumph over his foes in combat is at his disposal thanks to this.