The Newest My Hero Academia Ad: Don’t Miss It! Black Hero Arc Starts.

Shigaraki’s raging inferno appears to be calming down for the time being. However, the entire structure, along with the conventional notion of a “hero,” has begun to crumble. What happens now that Deku has abandoned his school and his pals is unknown.

We can stop wondering what will happen because there is a new promotional video that reveals some of the details.

A new promotional video for the upcoming “Black Hero” arc of My Hero Academia premiered on Saturday on the show’s official website and Twitter. Deku is depicted with a tattered suit and Gran Torino’s cape. Muscular, an adversary Deku has met before, also appears in the video.

Aside from Deku, who was already seen in the current opening song, the faces of the second and third One For All wielders are also featured in the promotional film.

A brand new image was unveiled that included every person who uses One For All.

On October 1, 2022, the debut of the sixth season of My Hero Academia took place. There will be 25 episodes total, and so far they’ve covered the full story of the Paranormal Liberation War. The anime is being broadcast simultaneously in dub and subtitled versions on Crunchyroll.

Two different artists provide the opening and closing themes, with Eve providing “Bokura no” (Our) and Six Lounge providing “Kita Kaze” (North Wind).

The manga series by Kohei Horikoshi, adapted for the screen by Studio Wit, was first released in 2014 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga is published by Viz Media and Manga Plus online, with Viz also publishing a print edition.

My Hero Academia

my hero academia

Japanese author and artist Khei Horikoshi created the My Hero Academia comic series. Since July 2014, it has been serialized in Weekly Shnen Jump, and as of February 2023, its chapters have been compiled in a total of 37 tankbon volumes.

The story follows a strange young man named Izuku Midoriya as he helps the greatest Hero in the world. Midoriya, a young man who has looked up to heroes and their exploits since birth, is an anomaly in a society where nearly everyone else has some sort of defining characteristic.

One day he encounters All Might, the greatest Hero of all time, and learns that he, too, had any distinguishing personality traits. Midoriya wins over All Might by his hard work and dedication to the hero’s cause. He will take over as the next One for All leader.