The Pony Canyon Horror Anime “Dark Gathering” Is Now Available Only on HIDIVE

Get comfortable and dim the lights, for in the summer of 2023, the amazing horror anime Dark Gathering will hit the shelves. The protagonist, Keitarou, is a little boy who helps Yayoi, a girl from his class whose mother’s soul was stolen by a spirit.

Both share a special make-up that gives them an edge in their fight against the ghosts. Keitarou, however, has an especially strong aversion to ghosts. Yayoi, on the other hand, can’t wait to face the terrifying place head-on so that she can finish her task.

Pony Canyon’s new horror-supernatural series Dark Gathering has been picked up by HIDIVE, and the television anime will be available to stream on HIDIVE beginning July 10.

Yayoi Hozuki, Keitarou Gentоgа, Eiko Hоzuki, and Ai Kamiyo are all featured in the current Dark Gathering promotional video. The video gives us a glimpse of the frightening violence and gore that will be featured in the anime.

The official trailer has unveiled the following main cast members:

CharactersCastOther Works
Yayoi Hоzuki,Yū SasaharaEternity Devil (Chainsaw Man)
Keitarou GentоgaNobunaga ShimazakiBaki Hanma (Baki)
Keitarou GentоgaKana HanazawaLucy (Bungo Stray Dogs)
Ai KamiyoRina KawaguchiReginleif (Record of Ragnarok)

To make sure the future anime is a smashing success, the following people will be working tirelessly behind the scenes:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorHiroshi IkehataFLCL Progressive
ScriptsShigeru MurakoshiZombie Land Saga
Character DesignerShinya SegawaPastel Memories
Art DirectorTaijiro NagataThe Faraway Paladin
Sound DirectorKohei YoshidaLycoris Recoil

Well, fans of the anime ‘Dark Gathering’ will be celebrating Halloween a little early this year, as the forthcoming anime is only a few months away and looks incredibly promising with such a strong cast and staff.

Dark Gathering

Dark Gathering

In 2023, an anime adaptation of Kenichi Kondo’s manga Dark Gathering will premiere. The year 2019 marks its initial release.

Keitaro, the manga’s main character, has a knack for luring ghosts wherever he goes. Because of all the tragic events occurring in his vicinity, he has begun to withdraw from society.

Just as he’s starting to feel comfortable in his own skin, he meets Yayoi, a ghost-hunting spirit. Keitaro ends up helping her out on her excursions against his will.