The Top-Rated Aspects of Sakura Haruno

What follows is a complete and comprehensive guide on Sakura Haruno’s greatest strength.

Sakura Haruno

She Is Extremely Intelligent

While Sakura lacks Shikamaru’s innate brilliance, she surpasses him in her understanding of Chakra control.Without resorting to cheating, she breezed through the Chunin Exams’ written section in record time.

Her knowledge of Chakra is not only applicable in the academic setting. She has a remarkable capacity to put her knowledge to use and to pick up new skills. She was the first person on team 7 to successfully use the Chakra to climb a tree using only their feet.

Sakura Is One Of The Strongest Shinobi

Sakura grew into an even greater powerhouse than her ancestor Tsunade thanks to the immense strength she inherited from her. She can wipe out an entire army with a single blow, and she squared off against an Akatsuki agent almost single-handedly.

If Sakura hadn’t been there to punch the Third Kazekage’s metal sand away, Chiyo of the sand village likely wouldn’t have been able to fight back. When it comes to brawls, Sakura is definitely not someone you want to cross.

Sakura Is a Lot Bolder Than People Give Her Credit For

Even for the most seasoned ninja, facing off against competent Shinobi is a challenge, but Sakura was doing it as a Genin. Despite her lack of skill, she frequently put herself in harm’s way throughout the Zabuza Arc in order to shield the bridge builder.

She also risked her life to defend her friends during the Chunin Exams, and she came out on top. Fans may not like to hear it, but Sakura is significantly more courageous than the average person.

Unchallenged Chakra Mastery by Sakura

Sakura does not belong to a notable family or have a Kekkei Genkai. What she accomplished as a Shinobi is truly remarkable. That’s due in large part to her natural mastery of Chakra energy.

Her exceptional Chakra abilities propelled her to the level of Medical Ninja mastery held only by Tsunade. She’s obviously quite gifted if she was able to learn the Hundred Healings Jutsu so quickly.

She Is Quick To Forgive

It’s incredible that she could forgive Sasuke so quickly after all the times he tried to murder her. She’s better than average because she would do that. Despite the fact that most of her classmates had given up on Sasuke by the time she assaulted Killer Bee from the cloud village, Sakura never stopped caring about him.

Because of her generous character, she found it far less difficult to trust potential new allies. Sasuke’s life was spared because, despite Obito’s actions, she was still eager to cooperate with him.